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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Modern Retro Style Living Room Ideas | Decor Inspirations

Interior designing is just not decoration; it is to make your place feel alive. Time progressed, but some old trends and style from the past yet retain their grace. And a Retro look owns its place.

Retro home décor encompasses a wide range of mid-century style and elements. With bright color, unusual ideas, and a complete sense of flair, retro home styling adds a unique touch to your drawing area. The leading interiors in Bangalore take bold approaches, with loud and funky designs, to give life to your dream homes.

Take a peek into the energizing decorating style from the bygone era and imagine to build yours.

Wall Art

Wall Art Retro Style

Get some cool and bold patterns with unique colors adding visual appeal to your walls. Either you can opt for vinyl wall decoration of multiple lawyers with a plastic topping or use retro vintage wallpapers with timeless designs. Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest vibrant colors like red, yellow, purple, orange, and pink to give retro vibes. Experiment with mix and match, the scope is infinite.


Retro Style Furniture

Explore your local antique store and discover abstract items. Retro furniture comes in a wide range of patterns, materials, colors with an appeal of that era counterbalancing each other. Be creative, or you can get assistance from a reputed living room interior designer in Bangalore and get a lavishing look.


Retro style Accessories

Ignite your living space with retro accessories. The best thing about retro style is that you can decorate in many ways and keep going. Get “olde worlde” wall clocks and ultra-modern frames to decorate your walls. Style up with unusual art and sculptures leaning towards abstract pieces than the regular still life and landscape choices. The stylish wall storage for books and figurines in puzzle piece designer shelves are worth a try. In any confusion, you should get professional advice from the living room interior designers in Bangalore.


To get a desired retro look, you can either go for a wooden floor or a bold mix of vinyl tiles or then compliment it with shag carpeting or traditional rugs. And to give an extra touch, you can go for door beads and lava lamps. If you are not sure how to materialize your ideas, Decorpot professional interior designers in Hyderabad are here to help you.


Retro Style Lighting

When you are done with deciding on the accents and accessories, bright up the decor with brilliant lamps and lights with tasseled or square shades, adding life to your drawing space. To give a sophisticated look, you can try a multi-colored hanging lamp with a dangling cord that can be plugged into a wall socket.

Winding Up

Retro styling combines colors, textures, furniture, and accessories that create a unique look taking you back to that era and giving a vibrant feel. Remember that if you want to provide a retro touch to your home, you have to let go of all inhibitions and experiment with colors and ideas.

Not sure how to get your retro-inspired home décor? Contact us at Decorpot. We are among the leading interior designers in Bangalore, offering customized solutions to beautify your home.