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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Modern Luxurious Home Theater Room Designs | DIY

If you are a movie buff, what could be better than enjoying the movies from your home comfort? Home theatres are gaining popularity now days.

At Decorpot, we take pride in our home décor experts and the way they turn your dreams into reality. Here we bring you a few fantastic ideas for entertainment rooms and home theaters. See what suits your taste.

Design Idea for Stunning Home Cinema

Home Cinema

You cannot just rely on technique. There are many scopes and mix and match that you can try. Interiors in Bangalore suggest creating an overall ambience by experimenting with acoustics, colors, and lighting to give you wonderful experiences.

Utilize the Space Around

Make the best use of the space available and apply ideas suggested by the Interior Designers in Bangalore. Whether you want to use the area outside your home or within the terrace or a part of a room, experts can create comfortable experiences for you. You need to be creative and try exploring some unique ideas.

Play With Colors

Colorful Home Theatre

Any space can be transformed into an alluring atmosphere when you experiment with colors, shades, and hues. Home interior designers in chennai suggest painting walls behind and surrounding and also the ceiling to create an ambience. 

Lighting Matter

Have you seen there is something familiar among public cinema halls? They prefer soft lights during the movie. That works similarly for homes.  

The Furniture

A comfortable home theatre needs furniture where you can relax and watch movies. You can discuss with the interior designers in Bangalore to create a better look for your entertainment place. However, if you have less space, a large sofa will be sufficient.

Here is a small guide for a DIY home cinema if you want to do it by yourself.

DIY Home Theatre

Decide the Area 

Our expert interior designers in hyderabad suggest, you can create a home cinema at any available space, from the basement to the front yard. So, it would help if you decided that first. If yours is an apartment, you have to choose a space prior to planning further. Remember, it should be isolated from the rest of the house.

Create a Comfortable Space 

Spacious Home Theatre

This cannot be easy, but you can give it a try. Start with isolating the walls. You must have an R30 rating for the exterior walls and ceiling and an R11 rating for the interior ones. Run the wires for the cinema screen, sound system, and lights. You have to create extra sound barriers. Try dry walling with a specialized soundproof system. Cover the ceiling and floor with sound-dampening material for a fantastic effect.

Home Cinema Lighting

Home Cinema Lighting

Good light is essential for your personalized cinema hall. The light must not be too bright and adequate to guide you within your movie room and also create a comfortable feel during the show. If your budget allows, it is recommended to integrate lighting elements into the design.

Install a Good Speaker System

Home Theatre Speaker System

The combination between screen and sound must be perfect. It is vital to choose the best fit and then arrange them in considerable ways.  

Choose a Cinema Screen

This is the focal point of your theatre room, and you have to be very specific about it. You can look for the best projectors suggested online and compare them to decide.

If you don’t have much space, a big TV can help you.

Arrange the Seating Area

Seating Area for Home Theatre

Once you are done with sound and screen, choose the right seating arrangement. You can opt for one row or multi-row setting depending on the space available. You have to be calculative.

Once you are done with deciding the components, determine your budget. There are both high-end solutions and lesser counterparts, so you have to be very pragmatic.

Why go through unnecessary hassles?  Contact us at Decorpot. Our interior designers have been designing beautiful home theaters. Take a discovery call today.