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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Modern Design vs Contemporary Design Everything to Know

In a general sense, contemporary and modern pretty much mean the same thing. The terms represent something new and trendy. However, when it comes to interior designing, contemporary and modern have distinct attributes. Substituting one for another can totally change the appearance of your home.

Our Interior Designers in Bangalore have come up with an easy way to explain the differences and similarities between contemporary and modern designs. Let’s read through, shall we?

Modern Design

Unlike contemporary designs, modern refers to a specific period. The early to mid-twentieth century has been defined as modern time. That means modern designs are older than contemporary designs. Yeah! 

According to Home Interior Designers in Bangalore, modern design can be identified use of natural and earthy color tones, rustic touches of stone and wood, and most importantly, elements of Scandinavian and German Bauhaus designs. 

Contemporary Design

Contemporary means something that’s latest and from the present. It could change from today to tomorrow to the day after. Contemporary design is constantly evolving. It has elements of modern design, minimalistic design, and international interior designs. 

In fact, Decorpot designers say that even art inspires contemporary design. The designs are usually identified by neat lines and a combination of materials and textures. 

What’s Similar in Both?

Though contemporary and modern are different, they do share certain similarities. That’s because modern design precedes contemporary design and has contributed to certain elements that are still used in today’s world. 

The primary similarity between contemporary and modern design is the lack of clutter. There’s no overstuffing of furniture or showpieces in either design. 

The room has neat and defined lines. When you look at Interiors Bangalore and notice the décor being spare, the room has likely been designed on the modern or the contemporary theme. 

However, to determine the style exactly, you lwil have to look at the differences. 

The Main Differences

  • Modern design is stricter and doesn’t change, while contemporary designs are more flexible and fluid. If you want to blend styles, opt for the latter. 
  • Modern design is more focused on functionality. The furniture or the décor can be used. In contemporary design, the elements are ornamental in nature. They may or may not be functional. 
  • The modern design comes with a color palette of natural and neutral shades in earthy tones. The contemporary design uses contrasts focusing on shades of white, off-white, grey, and black. 

Which One to Choose?

Interior Designers in Bangalore say that homeowners who like warm and cozy interiors should opt for modern design. People who prefer to follow the latest trends and change the décor accordingly can opt for contemporary designs.

If you’re a fan of contrasts and curved lines, contemporary might be more to your taste. It’ll also give you a chance to indulge in ornamental furniture irrespective of its functionality.


Our designers at Decorpot have years of experience assisting clients in choosing suitable interiors for their lovely homes. Talk to us today to book a free appointment and redesign the interiors of your home.