Modern Bathroom Design Ideas You will Love

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Modern Bathroom Design Ideas You will Love

A bathroom may be a recent addition to modern homes and so when you think of home décor this essential space may slip your mind. But having a functional bathroom that is also beautiful and clutter-free is what all Interior Designers in Bangalore will suggest. So, look at some of the many ideas we at Decorpot can create for your modern Indian home.

Accented Tiles

Bathroom Accented Tiles

The professional interior designers in Hyderabad suggest instead of using printed tiles that are very common, you can try using the colored variety. Don’t have all the walls plastered in colored tiles, just use them in one area. It could be in the shower closure or as a backsplash behind the sink and vanity mirror. Try for some lush emerald tiles or serene blue ones to transform a normal space into your very own getaway room.

Luxurious Bathroom Fixtures

Luxurious Bathroom Fixtures

Fixtures are what make any bathroom functional. The showerhead, the taps, the sinks -all these come under the category of fixtures. Spruce your bathrooms with matte golden taps or try buying complementing fixtures in brushed brass tones. These look great in bathrooms with neutral paint tones, and with the addition of a few air purifying plants, your bathroom will truly become the place to relax.

Innovative Storage Units

Innovative Storage Units for Bathroom

One of the downsides of pre-built urban homes is the small sizes of the bathrooms. To turn this con to your advantage, choose smart and innovative ways of storing the toilet essentials. Apart from the basic mirrored shelf above the sink, you can search for bathroom furniture with secret compartments, like those offered by Hettich, a partnered company for Decorpot. This will help you to utilize the space in the maximum possible way without overcrowding the bathroom.

The Classic Marble Touch

Most interior designers in chennai swear by this timeless interior trick. Nothing says luxury like some good grade marble. You can have an all-white bathroom with hints of brass in the fixtures or go a little dramatic and add grey tones to the space. Either way, your bathroom will become a beloved feature of your home instantly. 

Bathroom Tubs

Bathroom Tubs

If you have the space and the wish to recreate a luxury hotel-like bathroom for your interiors in Bangalore then look for elegant bathtubs with features like effervescent water, chroma lights and more. Companies like Jaguar, Roka and Kohler offer such exotic bathroom fixtures.

Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures

Whether you use it the first thing in the morning or after a long tiring day, a shower needs to be a relaxing experience. Replace the archaic mug-bucket with glass shower enclosures that are great for small bathrooms as they create a separate space for bathing and indefinitely becomes more hygienic too. You can choose high grade tempered glass enclosures with pull doors or framed cubicles with sliding doors- depending on the space and the budget you can remodel your bathroom from a usual bathing space to a hotel-like shower area.

Whether you are building your dream home or converting an old structure, make sure your bathroom lives up to your dreams. If you are searching for experienced home interior designers in Bangalore who can help you transform your dull bathroom into a modern space, then contact Decorpot at once. You will not be disappointed.