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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - MODERN BALCONY DESIGN IDEAS FOR ALL-SIZE BALCONIES

If you are a person who loves to spend time in a quiet and calm place, then this blog is for you. You can turn your balcony into your peaceful haven to spend time with yourself and your dear ones. Be it large or small these balcony design ideas will motivate you to take the challenge of creating an outdoor space that suits your personality.

Vertical Garden for your balcony

vertical garden for your balcony

If you want to enjoy your time outdoors with greenery all around, this balcony design idea is for you. Set a vertical plank on either side of your balcony. Decorate this space with your favorite climbers and flowers. Use carpet grass to fill the space. Now decorate your balcony with your favorite chairs and coffee table.

Children Corner

With a little modification, your balcony can be a playground for children. Fine carpet and your child’s favorite toys, and you are good to go. With this minimal balcony decoration, your children can play, learn and relax.

Just for one

just for one

Small balcony? Need not worry. This small balcony design idea will be best for your home interior. Deck your balcony with grass carpet and place your favorite table and a chair. Decorate it with small decor pieces and hanging plants. Top interior designers in Bangalore say that this small balcony design is loved by every person around the city.

Swing Seat

swing seat

We all adore the thought of having a swing on our balcony. Our expert interior designers in Hyderabad suggest balcony decoration idea with a swing is the easiest one to maintain. Hang your swing in a corner of your balcony. Deck up the place with a wooden false ceiling to get a clean look. Now decorate the place with a fine carpet, some pillows, candles, lights, and plants.

Let it Shine Bright

A bright balcony always gives joyous feelings. To get a bright balcony, design it with grass carpet and sitting space on the floor. Decorate this sitting space with colorful patterned pillows and covers. Use pop-up color ideas for the entire place, with colorful flowers and decor pieces. This balcony design idea will make you happy and relaxed.

For Book Lovers

We love reading books on our balcony but it is tiring to go to the room and find a book. Here is a permanent solution to this problem. Decorate your sitting space with comfortable pillows and delightful lamps and fragrant flowers. By the side of the wall place a small cabinet with books and small decor pieces. Decorate the rest of the area with plants to make it look green. Now take a book and read whenever you want and get a feeling of being amidst nature on your balcony.


These are a few modern balcony design ideas to decorate your balcony from the best interior designers in Bangalore Decorpot. All of these balcony design ideas are suitable for both small and large balconies and are picture-perfect places for your Instagram stories.

To learn more ideas about balcony design ideas contact Decorpot. The designers of Decorpot customize the design according to your balcony shape and size.