Modern and Trendy False Ceiling Ideas for Living Room

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Modern and Trendy False Ceiling Ideas for Living Room

The Living room is a gateway for your home, for your space. Living room ceiling need to be carried out smartly and articulately. There are enormous different types of false ceilings that may be custom designed to fit any room and they can be made from a variety of materials.

A false ceiling is a really perfect manner of adorning the drawing room and making it eye-catching. In India false ceilings for living rooms should add to the climatic, functional, and aesthetic needs of the room and it`s complement the other components of the living room such as lighting, furniture, flooring etc. From modern to intricate traditional designs, false ceilings can be customized in different colors, shapes and sizes, to make your living room look grand and opulent.

Hence, your choice of false ceiling designs for living rooms with designer lights and colors speaks a lot about your taste and creative sense. Our best interior designers in Bangalore  shared the some essential ideas to help you design a beautiful false ceiling for your living space.

Multi-Layered Designer False Ceiling Design

When it comes to innovative designs, POP ceiling designs give limitless choices. If you have a large living room with a high ceiling, a multi-layered false ceiling can have a striking impact. For an ideal grandeur appearance this is the finest option, presents a spacious yet wider appear and permits to do some creativity with lighting.

Wooden False Ceiling

Wooden false ceiling is one of the best ceiling designs for the interior of your living room. Wooden material for their false ceiling as the natural and realistic patterns and textures of wood are extremely soothing to the eyes and look aesthetically attractive. The use of wooden panels to create a false ceiling design for drawing rooms is turning into greater fashionable.

False Ceiling Lights

False ceiling lighting fixtures are one of the most important effects of home interior that instantly comes to the attention of guests and visitors. The expert interior designers in Hyderabad suggests, adding lighting fixtures to the focal part, instead of leaving it basic and simple, can help to embellish the room whilst additionally including to the décor factor.

Make proper preparations for lighting up the false ceiling in the living room. You can also experiment and opt for grand chandeliers or hanging lamps, to make your space look more elegant and beautiful.

Coffered False Ceiling

A coffered ceiling is a set of sunken panels of diverse shapes in a ceiling. Coffered ceilings are never out of style and in fact, this design suits the living room much more than any other area in the house. They make the room look appealing to all generations of people, these square shaped ceilings with beautiful criss-cross pattern also make stylish look design for the living room.

Intricate Lattice

A lattice is a way to create a visual boundary among open spaces and a false ceiling. Intricate lattice false ceilings take smooth installation and at the same time offers subtle demarcation. This ceiling design provides a classy enchantment to the interiors.

Expert Advice:

When choosing on ceiling designs for the living room, you may choose innovative designs with a combination of shapes and lights, in preference to an easy one. If you are into colored ceilings, then Gypsum is an ideal pick!  Another important benefit of getting a gypsum board false ceiling design is that it can without much of a stretch present different shapes and surface choices.



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