Modern and Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Home

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Modern and Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Home

The bathroom in your house can benefit from easy décor upgrades, regardless of its size. A bathroom makeover doesn't have to take up all of your time, thanks to the best interior designers in Bangalore. You may yourself try the designer tactics or delegate your project, the choice is completely yours. From bold tiling to graphic wallpaper, unique bathtubs, and new cabinets these are a few ideas for transforming your bathroom.

To help inspire, our Decorpot experts have put together a collection of 11 modern bathroom ideas.

Play With Patterns


Windowpane wallpaper and a floral sink skirt can provide a new and lively aesthetic. Hexagonal tile on the floor and bath, brick tile around the bath, and blue patterned mosaic around the sink could be overwhelming. You can also make a pretty path to your bubble bath out of some terrific tiles.

Bring the Old World Look

Beadboard wallpaper, a range of accessories, including brass photo frames, and vintage light fixtures give a bathroom an old-world vibe.

Try a Big Sized Mat


With a change in people’s style and wants, interior designers in Hyderabad have introduced striking ways to beautify the interiors of Bangalore by transforming a plain bathroom into a boho-inspired space. You can put an enormous map in contrast with a greenish wall, and new tiles and fixtures to create a complete appearance.

Touch of Greenery

If you want to include plants in your design, place a tiny potted orchid or asparagus fern or a fiddle leaf fig to add greens. 

Some best interior designers in chennai suggest that you can create a bathroom courtyard and enjoy a garden view without sacrificing privacy by enclosing a small courtyard space with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Experiment with Animal Prints


You can create an all-white bathroom decor with a dramatic boost by using a deer or a zebra-print ottoman. Imagine and it seems pretty nice!

Don't Be Hesitant To Use Color

Bathrooms don't have to be a colorless space! You can try a pink vanity that stands out against a green leafy print backdrop, or a pink bath is set on a green tile floor.

Alternatively, you may also use light to color; indeed the color-changing LEDs allow you to change your color scheme as you wish with a single button press.

Bathtub Shelf Can Change the Look


Some creative home interior designers in chennai say that a modest shelf across the tub with fresh flowers and a fragrant candle, along with a bottle of wine can give a relaxing vibe.

Create Floral Vibes

With this idea, you have a chance to brighten up your bathroom with vivid blossoms. Choose a floral peel and stick wallpaper for a change. 

Repurpose a Cupboard

A crockery cabinet is seen in the dining room, but you can place one in the bathroom to keep your belongings and other items like a shaving set, new towels, and more.  

Use Glamorous Mirrors


Changing your perspective also alters the environment. If you already have a plain mirror, try adding a touch of glam. Simply, you can add a sleek-smart countertop cosmetic mirror-like any branded sensor mirror. 

Make Your Ceilings Bold

Your wallpapered bathroom can wear an unexpected accent with a bold appearing ceiling with a better version of what's currently on your walls. 

Pro Tips

In addition to the above ideas, the in-house designers of Decorpot suggest using an auto touch-free soap dispenser, modern faucet, copper ventilated laundry basket, bamboo vanity accessory set to mention a few items to help you accessorize your bathroom.