Measures we are taking at Decorpot to combat the spread of COVID-19

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Measures we are taking at Decorpot to combat the spread of COVID-19

With the world witnessing the rise of the pandemic COVID-19 and the utmost need from the humankind to take precautions, we as an organization intend to take preventive measures against this disease and ensure the wellness of our employees and clients.

With the right mindset and the required measures, we can contain the spread of this disease.

Educating ourselves from the verified portals:

The tremendous amount of information on online platforms may misguide everyone. In spite of fearing the incorrect stats, the right approach is to educate ourselves with authentic information from the verified portals. You can consider the WHO website. The correct awareness at the correct time will help us the most.

Ensuring the Hygiene of the place:

To establish hygiene in our office, manufacturing unit and experience center, we frequently sanitize the space with disinfectants which help us to eliminate the traces of any germs and virus. Also, sanitizers have been installed at every entrance area to encourage the cleansing of hands for anyone entering the place. 

Keeping a check on socializing in groups:

Holding to the practice of social distancing for controlling the spread of the virus, our team has been encouraged to work from home in shifts and avoid sitting in groups. The admin ensures sitting guidelines of capturing alternate work stations in our work zone and maintaining the required distance while having food or hanging out in the cafeteria. The use of mouth masks has been made mandatory.

From the Client’s perspective:

- As a matter of ensuring the safety of our clients, our designer’s team is open to interact via online channels and virtual platforms to discuss the designs. 

- Our experience center is being ensured with frequent cleaning and sanitizing

- For the client’s visit, we are disinfecting the meeting cabins and encouraging the use of mask while verbal communications

- In the execution phase, regarding any inability of our Project supervisors to work in places where security rules do not allow them, or regarding any form of delays that take place in the channel due to this outbreak, we will make sure to openly communicate it with our clients 

- Any preventive measures that the organization might have to take in the near future with respect to the government rules and regulations, will also be updated to the clients

- Open communications and mutual understanding is the key at the moment

Ethical Judgments as an Individual:

We motivate and guide individuals to take the right steps as and when required. Anyone with visible symptoms should be encouraged for an immediate health check and should practice self-quarantine for the period till which they restore fitness. This way they make themselves less susceptible to the ill-effects of the virus and stops it from spreading around.

With these imperative measures and the necessary understanding, we will surely surpass this time of adversity and restore the growth and livelihood of our Nation and economy.