Living Room Paint Color Ideas And Tips To Match The Right Color

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Living Room Paint Color Ideas And Tips To Match The Right Color

Don’t we love to pick colors for our home? We want to play with colors, patterns, and textures to highlight our beautiful home. The colors in the living room can set the mood and create a wonderful impression on others. Colors have always played a vital role, haven’t they? 

Interior designers at Decorpot emphasize the importance of picking the correct color for the living rooms. The color combination you choose can make space appear brighter or darker, spacious or clustered, happy or gloomy.

Take a look at some of the best color ideas and combinations for living rooms. 

White, Black, and a Splash of Blue 

White Blue Color Living Room

Whether you are a fan of the eternal white or love the contrasts of white and black, our Interior Designers in Bangalore have a small tip for you. Why not include another classic color? A dash of blue can bring life to the white (or the white & black) living room while still adhering to the concept of minimal colors. It also becomes easier to decorate the room in similar colors. 

Slate and Dark Gray

Dark Gray Color Living Room

Gray isn’t essentially considered a pastel color. But it can be one when you opt for the matte finish with no other patterns or designs. A wall painted in slate grayish-blue can give Interiors in Bangalore a sophisticated appearance without turning it gloomy. Just remember to bring in furniture in shades of pink, blue, and white. 

Greens- Deep to Minty Cool

Green Mint Color Living Room

From deep green in the color of an ocean to the soft minty green, pistachio green, and fresh sage green, you can pick any shade, depending on your taste, the theme of the living room, and the furniture. The best part is that both antique and modern-styled furniture suit these shades of green. 

Yellow and Cream

Yellow Color Living Room

When we say yellow, we are talking more on the lines of pastel yellow rather than the ripe mango you love to eat. Combining it with a soft shade of cream is a delectable and classic combination. Home Interior Designers in chennai swear that this combination never fails to soothe you and lift your spirits at the same time. Isn’t that what we want from a living room? 

Pink and Coral

Pink and Coral Color Living Room

Now, pink is a color that has an almost unlimited number of shades. Choosing something too bright can also work if you hire an expert Interior Designers in Bangalore to help you design the room and the décor. But if you want to play safe or prefer the matte effect, opt for pinks closer to the pastel tone. Coral is one color that will suit the right mood. 

Fiery Orange

Orange Color Living Room

The professional interior designers in Hyderabad suggest, if you love dramatic backdrops with hints of warmth and rustic, the shades of orange mixed with gold are perfect for you. You can either choose the décor in the same shades on contrasting ones like blue and green. 


For more ideas about color combination and interior designs for your living room, contact us at Decorpot. Our ready team of 200+ professionals is always ready to help clients create a lovely home.