Laundry Room Design Ideas for Eye Catchy Wash Space

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Laundry Room Design Ideas for Eye Catchy Wash Space

Laundry rooms have become popular in recent times though they have been here for a long time. A dedicated space to wash and dry clothes is indeed a good idea compared to hanging them all around the house. 

But many laundry rooms are hidden, away from the rest of the house. Who wants guests to see piles of clothes and wrinkle their noses at the damp smell? But what if the laundry rooms can be airy, open, and eye-catchy? What if they look like pieces of art? Interior Designers in Bangalore offers various ideas to design and re-design the laundry rooms while keeping in mind the space constraints. 

Bring Home the Baskets

Can we deny the beauty of wicker baskets? Line up the counter or the shelves with wicker baskets and put all the laundry-related items in those. Instead of leaving the clothes on the floor, put them in the wicker basket. Make sure they don’t overflow and tumble out. 

Create More Space 

Laundry Room with Washing Machine

Home Interior Designers in Bangalore suggests that creating additional space will make the laundry room look neat even when you are in the middle of the weekly washing program. You don’t need to do much here. Building a frame around the washing machine will let you use the top as a counter to place the washing items. And the whole setup will seem like one unit. 

A Clothes Rack on the Top 

Clothes Rack Laundry Room

If you’ve placed the washing machine between two walls, simply run a clothes rod from one wall to another. Use hangers to dry clothes right in there. You can do the same even if you have a cupboard on one side. Professional interior designers in Hyderabad at Decorpot suggest adding a new wallpaper/paint/ tiles to bring some color to the area. 

Decorate Artistically 

Who said laundry rooms cannot be artful? Even a vase of fresh flowers can brighten up the place. You can choose patterned countertops to match the taps and the washing machine. You can paint the cabinets and baskets in matching colors. Living Room Interior Designers In Bangalore say that you can add some decorative hangings on the wall- be it a cheeky quote or a painting. The idea is to create a comfortable yet attractive laundry room. Don’t be afraid to use colors. 

Lighting up the Laundry Room 

How can we not talk about this one? Not all laundry rooms can be open and airy with natural light streaming in through the windows. But proper lighting can easily brighten up the place and add the much-required dazzle. A ceiling lamp hanging overhead is one choice. A wall couple of wall lamps with wood or metal shades are another option. Just don’t go for the regular bulbs and tube lights.

Cabinets and Cupboards 


Bare walls, even the ones with designer wallpapers, aren’t of much use if there’s not sufficient space to store the laundry items. Interior Designers in Bangalore have created cabinets and cupboards with fit in limited spaces and offer extra storage space. That too, without compromising on the aesthetics. An organized laundry room has its own charm, doesn’t it? 


The professionals at Decorpot have been designing functional and elegant laundry rooms in limited spaces. The idea is to make the most of open space while enhancing the beauty of the entire house. Book an appointment today.