10 Beautiful Kitchen Rack Designs For Indian Homes

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 10 Beautiful Kitchen Rack Designs For Indian Homes

What is kitchen rack design?

For some people, cooking is a form of art. To master the art of cooking, you need designer racks to place the food ingredients inside them. From spices to utensils, your kitchen cabinets can be used to store all types of food items in them. Elevate the looks of your kitchen by giving the racks a ravishing look. The kitchen has seen all your cravings. Whether it is a midnight snack or an evening treat. In this article, we will help you make a choice for your kitchen racks by providing you with the different types of racks available. Read this article until the end to seek every bit of information present in it. 

10 Beautiful Indian Kitchen Rack Design

An Open Rack Design: 

Open Rack Design

The name says it all. Give your kitchen a visual appeal by going with the open rack style. According to our interior designer in Hyderabad, many homeowners opt for the open rack as it is the basic style form for the kitchen. One can even recall where they kept the ingredients as it\'s easily seen around.

A Bottle Rack Design: 

Bottle Rack Design

For your expensive liquor collection, give the bottles the dedicated space they require. Show off your collection with a bottle rack in front of your guests and visitors. Ensure that children cannot reach the rack.

A Jar Rack Design: 

Jar Rack Design

Assign a separate rack for the small-sized jars. This makes it easy to keep various ingredients on different kitchen racks. From tea, coffee powder and spices, these are best kept in small jars. 

A Crockery Rack Design: 

Crockery Rack Design

To store all the bulky and heavy utensils in the kitchen, keep them in the crockery rack. Use glass openings for the crockery rack to give them a stylish finish. 

A Utensils Rack Design: 

Utensils Rack Design

For keeping all the metal and stainless steel items, keep a different rack for them. According to our interior designer in Bangalore, homeowners prefer to keep big utensils in racks touching the floor. This gives them more storage space and is easy to open. 

A Pull-out Rack Design: 

Pull-out Rack Design

Store plates, spoons and cups inside a rack that can be pulled out easily. The pull-out rack gives us a choice to select the size of plates or cups, based on our convenience. They can help organize the utensils and save space in the kitchen. 

A Drying Rack Design: 

Drying Rack Design

After washing the dishes, let them dry in designated racks meant for them. According to our interior designer in Chennai, homeowners must opt for the drying rack to let their dishes dry. The drying rack is a unique choice made as many of them tend to ignore fitting this into their kitchen. 

A Wall Mounted Rack Design: 

Wall Mounted Rack Design

Fit the rack against the wall and give your kitchen design a distinctive look. The wall-mounted kitchen rack design is the most common and highly preferred one by homeowners. They are also multipurpose as you can keep cups, jars and fancy-designed plates for display in your kitchen. 

A Glass Rack Design: 

Glass Rack Design

If you like to keep the racks transparent, then this matches your taste. Transparent shelves look elegant in the kitchen. They can be crafted in any size and fitted in any corner of the kitchen. You can even add a piece of artwork over the glass racks. 

A Modular Rack Design: 

Modular Rack Design

For a modern-styled kitchen, fit them with modular kitchen racks. They have a clean look and save space in the kitchen. The Modular kitchen racks come in all shapes and sizes, making them easy to fit into any corner of the kitchen.

Factors to Consider while choosing the Kitchen Design for an Indian home 

Design style according to kitchen size.

Availability of materials in the city.

The budget and hiring an interior designer for the job.

Advantages of Kitchen Rack Designs 

To manage activities in the kitchen, the rack designs play a crucial role. They need to be properly designed as they will be used according to the homeowner\'s convenience. Functionality and storage space are the essential advantages of kitchen racks. The kitchen racks have to be built to cater to our needs essentially.

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Q1. What is Kitchen Rack Design?

Kitchen rack design refers to giving your kitchen a storage space that can be functional and eye-catching for your culinary needs at home.

Q2. What is the cost of kitchen rack design for Indian homes?

The prices of the design can vary for different homes and projects. In case of further queries, feel free to get in touch with our experienced interior designers and learn more about their experience. 

Q3. How to design an Indian kitchen rack?

Arranging an Indian kitchen rack can be related to placing the sink, stove and refrigerator in a triangle formation. Ensure there is plenty of storage room, lighting and ventilation


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