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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Kitchen False Ceiling Design Tips for Indian Homes


You can create a distinctive look for the main gathering place of your home with the aid of kitchen ceiling ideas. The ceiling, which is often painted white, is typically overlooked when developing a design plan for a space, but it offers a wide range of creative opportunities. Investigating ceiling ideas from our interior designers in bangalore may ensure that every square inch of a room has been carefully examined, from contemporary paint and wallpaper designs to revealing traditionally architectural details.

What is Kitchen Ceiling Design?

In India, kitchens are frequently compact rooms with little room for storage. As a result, a huge kitchen island or even a breakfast bar are often not feasible in Indian homes. A kitchen false ceiling is the ideal answer in these circumstances. It's a terrific method to maximize the use of your kitchen and add storage space and a focus piece. Lets see the different types of kitchen false ceiling design ideas for indian homes from our interior designers in chennai.

Different Types of Kitchen Ceiling Designs:

Wooden Ceiling:

Wooden Ceiling

The rustic appeal of wood ceilings is well known. They are excellent for people who wish to give their kitchens a rustic appearance. The timber ceilings come in a variety of sizes and are simple to install. The owner can choose the shade and texture of the wood ceilings to suit his or her preferences.

PVC False Ceiling:

pvc false ceiling

Because they are lightweight and adaptable to any room, PVC ceilings are fairly common. They come in a variety of sizes and forms and are very simple to install. According to your needs, you can alter the ceiling's colour and size.

Glass Ceiling:


You should undoubtedly choose glass ceilings for your kitchen if you want to give it a fresh, contemporary appeal. Any space can have one of these glass tile ceilings installed. The glass ceilings can also be illuminated, which enhances their beauty.

Metal Ceilings:

Extreme weather tolerance and durability are two qualities associated with metal ceilings. They are a fantastic option for people who wish to give their kitchens a rustic feel. There are numerous ways to construct metal ceilings, and you can pick the one you like most. You could simply use a plain metal ceiling and make it seem stunning.

metal ceiling

Fibre Ceiling:

One of the most resilient forms of ceilings are those made of fibre glass. They are renowned for their power and resilience in the face of severe weather. They are also very light and simple to install.

fiber ceiling

Benefits of Kitchen False Ceiling:

  • Enhances the interior design.
  • Gives your ceiling a clean, uncluttered appearance.
  • Maintains the temperature of the space.
  • Enhances a room's acoustics.
  • Maintains the ceiling's height.

How much does it will cost to install a kitchen false ceiling?

As per the interior designers in hyderabad, The price of false ceilings ranges from Rs 55 to Rs 195 per square foot.

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These false ceiling design ideas and tips for indian homes from our interior designers in chennai will help you to get a wonderful kitchen setup that looks attractive.

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Which type of kitchen false ceiling is best?

A synthetic substance called polyvinyl chloride is used to create a variety of durable items that are resistant to heat and water. The majority of PVC fake ceiling installations are made in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and other locations. They are portable, simple to maintain, and economical to buy.

What is the recommended height for a kitchen false ceiling?

The minimum height from the floor needed for a false ceiling is 8.5 to 9 feet.

How can I maintain a false ceiling?

False ceilings currently simply need to be cleaned occasionally and don't require much care. The method for cleaning a false ceiling will vary depending on the material utilised. Always remember to periodically dust and clean the artificial ceiling.

How long does a false ceiling last?

Gypsum ceilings, which are made from premium POP (Plaster of Paris) and are custom-designed, have a lifespan of more than two decades when kept in good condition. But the longevity of ceilings may diminish if they are exposed to extreme situations like persistent water leaking, etc.

What are some popular materials used in false ceiling?

Stained glass

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