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The kitchen island design is the most trending design of today and it can easily be integrated into any existing kitchen layout as well. Having a kitchen island design uplifts the entire aesthetic of your kitchen and makes it seem more welcoming. The kitchen island has an anchoring quality and can be beneficial for storage, prepping, and also cooking, apart from turning the kitchen into an entertaining zone. If there is no issue for the availability of space, an island kitchen design is a sure show-stopper and an absolute must-have in every contemporary and modern home. Our best interior designers in Hyderabad, having tackled and transformed many modular kitchens, has put together some facts and tips you need to know prior to implementing an island kitchen design in your home. So, read on and get enlightened about this intriguing form of kitchen layout.

The origin of island kitchen design

An island kitchen came about to add more aesthetic quality and functionality to kitchen design. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the kitchen island is the heart of the heart and is an integral zone in the island kitchen design. The island kitchen design works perfectly with an open floor plan and creates an elegant and smooth transitional line between the living area and kitchen. Although the island in the design came into existence as a mere convenience for the homeowner, it has transitioned into much more. Today, it is the epicenter of the kitchen and the rest of the layout is being designed around it. 


Both a symbol of practicality and beauty, the island kitchen layout has secured a permanent place in the hearts of interior designers and homeowners alike. Regardless of the size of the space, an island kitchen can surely be adapted to your liking and suitability. Here are a few advantages that make the island kitchen a true star.

1. Extra storage space

The island kitchen design is centered around the kitchen island which doubles as an additional storage space. The island can include cabinets below the countertop and items can be stowed away there when not in use.

2. Additional workstation

The kitchen island essentially can play a few different roles in the island kitchen design. You can utilize it as a prepping area or if you have a sink placed on the island, it can be the area for cleaning. A role or a function can be given to the island and it can be turned into an extra countertop space to aid you in cooking efficiently and in creating a functional work triangle, which is the distance between the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator. In an ideal layout, these points in a kitchen should not be too far from one another.

3. As a focal point

Apart from being a functional and practical zone, the island in the island kitchen layout can be the point of attraction in the kitchen. The island can tie together the style and personality of the kitchen and be more than a storage unit or work area.

Leading Interior Designers in Bangalore

The right way to design

The island kitchen design gives interior designers ample room for creativity while keeping the function in mind. 

    > As the kitchen island is the center of the kitchen, the placement of it should be done with extra care and at a comfortable distance from the position of other fixtures. The sink can be placed in the kitchen island as this proves to be effective in forming a good work triangle.

    > One side of the kitchen island can even function as an entertaining area or as a breakfast bar with a few stools or chairs in place. 

    > Cabinets and cupboards can be lined with light fixtures and overhead pendant lights can illuminate the island countertop. You can also add a pop of color and intrigue with a striking backsplash wall.

    > The island must be thoughtfully designed to serve as the tying element in the entire open space.

An island kitchen is quintessentially the dream kitchen of now. Filled with practical notions and an aesthetic appeal that is inviting and which turns your kitchen into more than just that, the island kitchen is surely on everyone’s wish list. If you are looking to make that wish come true, get in touch with us at Decorpot and you won’t be disappointed with the results we provide.