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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - KIDS FRIENDLY HOME INTERIOR DESIGN IDEAS FOR YOUR HOME

Making your home child-friendly, functional, and fun is no child’s play. Every room in the house should be altered and re-thought in all aspects of interior design from the living room interior designing, to the bedroom and down to modular kitchen designs, when tiny tots are added to the equation. Well, worry not because we, at the best interior designing company in Bangalore – Decorpot, are here with some tips on how you can modify and re-design your home interiors to suit the little ones and their little mischiefs and joys.

Start with a wise choice of wall
When you have a child around, you should be clever in the choice of wall paint or wallpaper you pick out for your home. As you already know how drawn children can be to creating their own masterpiece on the walls, it is better to pick a washable paint or at least paint a single wall with washable paint and make it your child’s designated art wall. You could also include fun and graphic wallpapers in their bedrooms and bathrooms to incorporate the element of playfulness and whimsy.

Rethink your furniture
Our professional interior designers in Hyderabad suggests, it is important to take into consideration several factors like comfort, safety, and functionality when it comes to picking out furniture for a child-friendly home. You should avoid getting coffee tables with sharp edges and instead invest in an ottoman or a round-smooth coffee table. It is better to refrain from buying furniture of light colors and rather include patterns and fun shades to keep it interesting and to cleverly hide away any stains or mishaps that are bound to occur. Having patterned flooring or rug is also an excellent way to keep the mess under wraps yet portray an image of chic elegance.

Bed kid room interior designers in Bangalore

Take space into consideration
If you have a big family or if there are a lot of little feet running around, it is best to open up the floor plan of your home and to keep the furniture to a minimal level. This way the home seems more spacious and provides more room for proper air circulation as well as sunlight. As the needs of a growing child keep changing as time progresses, it is better to keep the space of the home uncluttered and airy, especially the living room of the home.

Storage is important
With kids come their plethora of toys. It can be a struggle to put away their toys after play and without disturbing the aesthetic appeal of your home. You could incorporate some fun techniques of toy storage, like a multi-functional coffee table that doubles as a storage unit. Another interesting way is by making the storage units an integral component of the interior design and painting it up with fun colors. Kids can be encouraged to join you in a DIY project to make artsy and unique toy storage spaces.

There are several things to keep in mind while turning your home into a child-friendly one, a home that will be the canvas for their memories and happy moments. We at Decorpot, your favorite home décor company in Bangalore, would love to help you with the design of a home, fit for your children and yourself as well.