Interior Elements That Form A Master Bedroom

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Interior Elements That Form A Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is quintessentially the largest room in the house and is also the most sought after. But, there are key interior elements that transform an ordinary bedroom into a master bedroom. Putting in some extra care and attention to your master bedroom will usher in all the right qualities that turn it into a perfect one. The expert interior designers in Hyderabad likes to work our magic into your master bedrooms and make them truly cherished. So, here are some important elements that create the perfect master bedroom.

False ceiling
Add that touch of visual interest and appeal by installing a false ceiling that draws the eye upwards and which is approved by bedroom interior designers everywhere. There are various types of false ceiling designs to choose from and each one creates an aesthetic intrigue that becomes a focal point on its own. You could put in LED lights or hang a statement chandelier to produce even more of an impact. False ceilings enhance the architectural structure of a room and also makes the master bedroom more ambient. They are also a great trick to incorporate into a master bedroom with a high ceiling to bring the level down.

Adequate storage
The main vibe you need to maintain for your master bedroom is that of a clean and serene space. To make this a reality, you need to include adequate storage to stow away the clutter and have a more organized and functional room. You should have a designated place for each item, a shoe storage area, ample wardrobe storage and hidden storage under the bed is a bonus. You should also seek out multipurpose furniture pieces like a bedroom bench that comes with a storage unit. Another clever way to have more storage in your master bedroom, without giving up the floor space, is by putting up built-in wall shelves which can double as a décor element.

TV unit 
The best thing about a master bedroom is the extra space and it leaves room to bring in your entertainment unit, the television. You could incorporate the TV unit in a few different ways. You can hang it on the wall and keep the floor clutter-free. You can even have a modular TV unit built to your requirements, which adds a layer of visual interest. You could even construct a feature wall around the TV unit and spruce it up with décor items to make it the main feature of the master bedroom.

Interior Designers in Bangalore

An indispensable requirement in any master bedroom is a stately dresser. Regardless of the style or look of the dresser, it has a special place in the master bedroom and it brings in a particular air of class and luxury.  Apart from it being an additional storage unit to keep items in, a dresser’s top can be used to place plants or décor items. You can even place a mirror on top of the dresser to give the room an illusion of having more depth and width.

Unique Décor 
With adherence to the style of your master bedroom and your design aesthetics, the addition of carefully picked out décor pieces brings in character and personality. You could add anything from mirrors, a gallery wall, or even includes a few memorabilia, to make your master bedroom reverberate with uniqueness and persona. Put up an exquisite wallpaper or go for an impactful color palette and flooring to make your master bedroom a true head-turner. 

Uplift your master bedroom by incorporating these key elements into the design and reveal a more enhanced result. At Decorpot, the best interior designers in Bangalore, we would love to put our expertise together to vamp up your master bedroom, just the way you prefer. So, come on and let’s start creating décor magic!