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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Inspiring Industrial Style Interior Design Ideas

Industrial interior design is one of the most sought-after styles these days. Exposed brick walls, factory kind of windows, iron piping, wooden floors, and unfinished appearance; together give a rustic look and glorify everything raw, vintage, and resilient.

It can be tricky to create a mix of contrast that would give a feel of harmony; we are here to help you. To get your dream materialised, here are a few handpicked decor ideas for your home by best interior designers in Bangalore.

Elements of Rustic Industrial Home Décor

Elements of Rustic Industrial Home Decor

The industrial style is inspired by vintage looks and decorative objects like an old fan, writing desks, steel tables, and more. It showcases raw wooden furniture, metal decorative, and hundred percent Industrial elements that look old and aged. This gives the feel of a bygone era amidst the chaos of today.

You can create a distinct look bringing together brick, wood, and metal units. The primary colors of industrial home decor are grey, wooden, brick, brown, and a tinge of black.

The industrial style is so cold and extreme that it may look very unattractive unaccompanied. So, interiors in Bangalore pair it with décor elements of a different style to create a mélange.

Check these 6 industrial design styles to create a difference.

Unblended Industrial Style

Unblended Industrial Style

Here we shall talk about the pure design style that creates a beautiful aura which you would love for yourself. As one of people’s favourite, this look is suggested by many interior designers in Bangalore.

The natural color palettes, wooden layouts, steel add-ons, and the warmth of a bygone time; can be magical to the could. And if you are a book lover, you can showcase them for a cozy look.

Dramatic Style

To make it dramatic and remove the monotony, you can use various furniture and patterns with an intermix of colors. A cognac leather sofa and an earthy-colored rug can give a twisted look. You can explore more ideas with reputed home interior designers in Bangalore and add versatility to your imagination. 

Retro Style

Retro Style

A warm design layout with mid-century urban styled furniture with color contrast and wood is matchless. Often the living room interior designers in Bangalore start with neutral colors with an unassuming cobalt rug. This modern mix of two art is bold.

Traditional Industrial Style

A sophisticated traditional bedroom design with its creative look is a showstopper. A sleek metal bed frame with bulky nightstands and the bed itself with layered patterns give a complete industrial look. 

Industrial Style with Minimal Touch

Industrial Style with Minimal Touch

The professional interior designers in Hyderabad suggest, to add modern creativity to the industrial style, keep it minimal with sophisticated space. This suits those who would love to keep the kitchen spacious yet raw with a natural touch. You can try placing float furniture away from the wall to make the room airy and open.

Collected Style

How about a trendy look with this style?  With a light feel towards industrial-styled furniture choice against a neutral background with some calculative space gives some extra dose to the personality of industrial designing of the living room. If uncertain about how to experiment, seek help from the finest of the interior designers in Bangalore.

Final Note

To summarise, industrial home décor is on the rise, and it will stay for much longer. With so many ideas and choices, it may be overwhelming for you to manage things at your level.

You must be already in love with the enticing industrial interior design ideas. An experienced interior designer can help you to find the best industrial style designs that will enhance the beauty of your home. Contact Decorpot to talk to the leading professional interior designers today.