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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - INSPIRING CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATION IDEAS

If we would’ve to pick one thing that would set the tone for Christmas week, then it’s definitely the Christmas tree! 

Decorating the Christmas tree is a family tradition in many households as it brings everyone together and lets them have fun. There are endless options to decorate Christmas trees. You can use lights, ornaments, toppers or anything of your choice to make it look stunning. 

For this Christmas season, Decorpot’s interior designers in Bangalore have some simple and practical suggestions for incredible Xmas tree decorations.

String the Lights from Bottom to Top

Christmas Tree Lighting

One of the main attractions in the Christmas tree decoration is the lights. Stringing the lights around is one of the iconic decorations that work for both tall and small Christmas tree. Even when the ornaments aren’t cohesively spaced and placed, arranging the lights neatly would give the tree a lovely look. 

You can start from the bottom of the tree and string the lights around the beautiful Christmas trees slantingly until the light reaches the top. Make sure that the lights are evenly spaced as you keep placing them above.

Use the Classic Red and Gold Ornaments

Christmas Tree Red Gold Ornaments

You can never go wrong with the Christmas tree ornaments in red and gold. Both of these are the colours of Christmas and you can get some beautiful ornamental balls and garlands in the same colour theme to make the tree look pretty amazing.

You can also get star ornaments, electric candles and red garlands for an authentic Christmas tree decoration. 

When decorating for Christmas, our home interior designers in Bangalore often opt for the combination of red, gold and white not just for the Xmas tree but for the decoration of the whole house. It’s one of the best ways to give the Christmas feel to the entire place! 

Make Place for the Traditional Decor Items

Christmas Tree Traditional Decor

Many families have Christmas traditions, most of which are about tree decoration. So, if you have any traditional ornaments passed on from the generations or even if you have created a new tradition of placing ornaments of the Christmas tree, make sure to keep room for it.

Also, consider the colour and theme of the ornaments when you’re picking out the other decorative items. This way, your traditional ornaments will look in place and can, in fact, enhance the complete look of the Christmas tree.

Cover the Bottom of the Tree with a Xmas Skirt

Christmas Tree Skirt

The Christmas tree skirt is a beautiful accessory that complements the decorations on the tree. This skirt will also prevent the needles falling from the tree to cause any harm. And what’s more, is that you can keep the small children away from the pointed needles of the Xmas tree with the decorative skirt adding a protective layer. 

There are so many varieties and colours of Xmas skirts you can choose from. You can either go for a skirt that lays flat on the floor or spirals up to meet the bottom of the tree.

Do you want help with your Christmas tree decorations? Let Decorpot’s best team of interior designers from Bangalore help you out to convert your home into a bright and beautiful space filled with Christmas spirit.