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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Innovation in Making Optimum Use of the Space

Ideal interior design should make the most use of the space to create a well-balanced, harmonious home. At Decorpot, comprising the best interior designers in Hyderabad, we make sure that every room and aspect of a home from the modular kitchen designs to living room interior designing is done to perfection with the motto to enhance and utilize the space in the most optimal way possible. If you are looking for some clever ways to add style to your interiors keeping in mind space and functionality, we’ve got a treat for you! Read on to get styling tips and tricks for really cool, innovative design ideas keeping space at the center of it all.

Say hello to multifunctional furniture
It’s time to rethink the furniture in your home and evaluate whether it serves multiple purposes and functions. Too many pieces of furniture placed in a room can project notions of clutter and will seem crowded. Instead, go for a few good pieces of furniture that are visually impactful as well as catering to your needs in a clever way. Maximize the space of your living room by changing up your regular coffee table for an ottoman with storage or a coffee table with additional drawers and compartments to put away items. You could incorporate this logic in every room of your home like a daybed that doubles as a full-sized bed in the guest room or a pull-out shelf in the study.

Free up floor space

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Another genius and a sure shot way to make the most out of the space is by adding hanging shelves and storage units for a well-organized and aesthetic appeal. Having a lot of shelves and storage on the floor can limit the free passage of air as well as movement. Step over the hurdle and clear up floor space by adding hanging shelves and cabinets, this will work especially well in the kitchen where storage is key to the design. You could even include floating pieces, such as shelves, wall-mounted desks, and nightstands to keep the floor clear of any obstacles and create extra storage beneath if needed. Another tip is to opt for wall sconces and wall lights rather than floor lamps.

Go for vertical
However big or small your space may be, making use of the vertical space is a smart way to give your room a larger than life appeal while keeping it clutter-free. Place wall shelves and interesting art pieces at eye level and make use of the vertical storage, this will create an illusion of high ceilings. Another trick is to hang the curtains at ceiling height instead of window height to open up space and to fill it up with grandeur and spaciousness. Also, incorporating vertical lines in the décor, either in a subtle manner or in a slightly bold way, makes space seem taller.

Keep it simple
The most obvious and overlooked way for optimal usage of space is actually by minimally using it. Keeping interior décor to a minimal number helps you to achieve a clutter-free and cohesive space. Refrain from scaling down on the size of the furniture pieces but rather decrease the number. A big sofa with additional storage is a better choice than a small sofa set comprising of multiple pieces. A minimalistic approach to interior design can add space to the room, without even trying too hard. You should always try to keep an editor’s eye and edit away the décor items that don’t serve its purpose and keep only the ones that make sense to the overall intent of the room.

Trying out these interesting techniques to make optimum use of the space is sure to give you a space you’re more than happy with. If you have any questions or queries further to the topic, you can always count on us at Decorpot Bangalore, your favorite home décor company in Bangalore, to help you out. Let’s get creative!