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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - IMPRESSIVE STORAGE IDEAS FOR YOUR HOME

If there’s one thing that any home is always short on, that’s storage options. No matter how many rooms you have in the house, the amount of stuff always seems to exceed the amount of storage space.

That’s why Decorpot expert interior designers in Hyderabad always recommend having extra side storage options within your home interiors. This not only helps to keep the extra knick-knacks out of the way but also helps to enhance the appeal of your living space.

With this in mind, today we have some ideas for including nifty side storage options within your interiors. These ideas have been handpicked by our interior experts, and are guaranteed to improve your storage facilities.

Let’s take a look.

Kids’ Rooms Need Extra Space

Kids Room Interior Designers in Bangalore

Kids will be kids, and no matter what, they’ll always make a mess. Add to the fact that kids’ rooms have the greatest number of items (toys, books, and cloths), you’ve to keep extra storage options here.

Consider adding a small toy cabinet for the playthings, a clothes storage option, and also a bookshelf for the little ones. Also, make sure that the units you don’t have any sharp edges, as this may hurt the little ones while moving around.

Add A Bedside Table

Interior Designers in Bangalore

That alarm clock, that reading lamp, those pairs of glasses…these are only some of the things that you need by your bedside. And you very well can’t put them all on a stool and forget all about it!

That’s why, it’s best to include a small, yet elegant bedside table with spacious drawers. This will help you to keep your bedside essentials organized. Plus, it will also add a touch of sophistication to the room that will add to its appeal.

Go With Extra Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Interior Designers in Bangalore

If there’s one room in the house that can never have enough space, it’s the kitchen. With cooking utensils, spice containers, and cutlery, and much more. This is a place that’s bound to be cluttered unless taken care of proper organization.

Decorpot suggests decking up your kitchen with a few extra cabinets for storing additional items. This can include dinner sets that only come out when the guests arrive or that extra induction cooker for emergencies. Whatever the case, having storage modules in continuation to your platform or built on walls, will always save you. 

Open Shelving Near The Work Area

study room interior designers in bangalore

With the pandemic forcing most professionals to work from home, a home office has become one of the necessities. And when you’re working at home, an efficient work area is a must-have.

This can be easily achieved with a bit of open shelving near your workstation. This will allow you to store any and all items related to your work. Plus, the open architecture makes it convenient & easy to access.

We hope that the above suggestions give you some ideas for adding storage that keep your home clutter-free! 

If you aspire for functional and high-storage solutions for your home in Bangalore, then don’t hesitate to get them implemented. Call Decorpot today, and our experts will take care of the rest. With us, you don’t have to limit your imagination anymore!