Ideas For A Cozy Home Library

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Ideas For A Cozy Home Library

An Alcove Home Library

There is nothing as delightful as reading a nice book in a quiet corner of your home, tucked away from all the hustle and bustle of life. Having a home library is like giving a loving home for your book collection, no matter how big or small it may be. Interior designers at Decorpot Bangalore, has curated some helpful ideas to add that cozy touch to your home library. Let us create the library of your empowering knowledge & fictional dreams.

An Alcove Library to Love
Portrayed in countless movies and even in your favorite novel, an alcove library overlooking a great view is the embodiment of romance and whimsy. All you need to do is, get built-in shelving around a window or from one side of the wall to the other end to create a kind of frame where the books will fit snugly in. This will create a cozy nook or alcove where you can just push in a sofa or have the much-adored alcove seating with plush cushions to make it comfortable. Add a floor lamp for optimal lighting and get lost in your cozy nook with a choicest book from your collection.

Step-up on Your Reading
If you’re looking for a clever way to build a library without giving up extra space, here’s a trick you would like. You could make use of the vertical space under the stairs by building cubicles and shelving units and create a visually impactful library. This feature will instantly draw attention and will enhance the space dramatically. Add a touch of cozy by incorporating a comfy armchair or two and pleasant light fixtures for reading, right next to your library under the stairs.

A Bookish Focal Point
It’s always a great design concept to have a key focal point in every room, so why not make your library the center of attention? The best interior designers in Hyderabad suggests, you can incorporate this technique in a common area like in the living room interior design for maximum appeal. Add floor to ceiling wall shelves to carefully organize the vast spread of books, you can paint the shelves white for a calm and modern feel or you could keep it edgy by painting it in a bright shade. An interesting way to arrange the books on the wall shelves is to arrange the books by color instead of alphabetical order. Dedicating a whole wall for your books in a common area creates an incredible display and will immediately be a conversation starter.

An Artsy Page-Turner

Best home interior designers in Bangalore

If you don’t have enough books to fill your library, fret not! Induce some creative energy and artsy vibes into your home library by bringing in your favorite art pieces, sculptures, antique finds, and anything that brings joy to you. These small personal touches add visual appeal as well as uniqueness to your home library making it much more welcoming and cozy.

A home library is a place one can retreat to walk away from routine life and into a new world in a faraway corner, through books of course. We hope you have found some gems in these ideas and will soon incorporate them into your home library. Do talk to us, at Decorpot Bangalore, regarding any interior designing help or guidance to transform your home.