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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - HOW TO USE THE BEST OF WOOD FOR INTERIOR DESIGN

Over 10,000 years ago, when man’s ingenuity enabled him to construct his first real home, his preferred material was wood. To this day, in the era of technological advancements, we still continue to lean on Mother Nature for her beautiful supply of wood. 

While many other sturdier construction materials now exist, wood continues to captivate us with its natural charm. At Decorpot, we remain in awe of this bounty of nature and tip our hats to its unique attributes. 

What are the wooden accents?

We use wood extensively in our homes. Hardwood and softwood, solid wood or veneer, the combinations are many and the possibilities endless. Wood is used in many interesting ways apart from playing a rather obvious role in furniture. Wooden accents display one such clever example. Small components, highlighters, attached accessories, and well-designed wooden extensions can act as beautiful accents to your home interiors. 

Interior decor experts the world over now favor incorporating these fine elements in homes. Wooden accents are most commonly used in places such as:

   > Floors

   > Doors, windows, and shutters

   > Walls

   > Window dressings 

   > Statement features, artifacts or showcase furniture pieces

Leading Interior Designers in Bangalore

Wood, the Versatile One

Wood has the capacity to act like the wise peacemaker, the radical innovator, or the amicable team player in the room. To a bright room with a riot of color, it brings balance. In an austere white room spelling poise and finesse, it adds unmissable character. 

In a cheery family room with much-loved artifacts, a signature wooden piece becomes the anchor, standing proud and untouched by time. Wood can complement any other material without losing its innate ability to stand out. 

Be it metal or chrome, glass, or even plastic, just one wooden element raises the visual appeal of the furniture in the room.

Playing around with Wooden Accents

Folks with great taste and buckets of design thinking routinely come up with new ways of experimenting with wooden accents. Wood can accentuate the most mundane of areas and evoke an element of surprise. We just need to know how to use it to our advantage!

Here’s a list, although it’s by no means exhaustive!

   > Room screen or divider: There’s no better way to add a splash of color, contrast, and liveliness to a nice, open living room space than to use an accented wooden partition. This classy technique successfully manages to delineate the space from your home interiors while creating a talking piece for your guests!

   > Wall-mounted book displays: For the bibliophile, what could be better? You might want to design a striking metal-and-wood bookshelf for your favorite space in the room. Books and wood spell elegance and harmony like nothing else!

   > Rafters: Another name for wooden false ceilings, this is a very resourceful invention. These faux ceilings are made of gypsum plasterboard and given a finish with a wooden texture. A rafter is a wonderful example of how space can be lifted from good to great with just a hint of wood!

At Decorpot, we revere wood. We know just how to select the right kind of wooden accents for your home’s individual persona. So why not get together to explore how you might benefit?