How To Turn Your Kitchen Into A Smart Kitchen

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - How To Turn Your Kitchen Into A Smart Kitchen

Having a smart kitchen is every cook’s dream! 

The extra-easy appliances, the extravagant storage areas and the spacious cooking zone with everything within arm’s reach not just spices up the look of the kitchen but the food you cook too!

Transforming your kitchen into a smart one isn’t that pricey or difficult as you think. And, of course, the benefits of a smart kitchen are enormous. So, then what’s stopping you?

Our interior designers in Bangalore have helped many families to convert their old kitchens to modern versions that make cooking easier. How have we done it?

Let’s find out!

The Process of Creating a Smart Kitchen: 3 Essential Steps


  • Design for a Connected Kitchen



We cannot place your kitchen appliances and cooking items at different locations without a plan. Every single item in a kitchen should be quickly accessible whenever you need.

So, the placement of the kitchen things should be decided in such a way that it’s easy for the cook. Our home interior designers in Bangalore have a dedicated process to interact and understand your kitchen designs’ specific requirements and integrate them with our novel kitchen designs.

We incorporate your ideas and consider the size of your kitchen, the new appliances and the cookery needed to designate spaces for comfortable movement and access.


  • Add Smart Kitchen Appliances



Of course, a smart kitchen isn’t complete without its smart appliances. There are several smart appliances you can choose from based on your necessities like:

Smart Oven

A smart oven has a built-in camera to check if the food has been cooked and prepare it based on your instructions. You can choose recipes and simplify your cooking process.

When you say that 'it becomes hard to pay,' do you mean that there are chances of withholding payments if you aren't satisfied with the piece?

Smart Dishwasher

With a smart dishwasher, you start washing your dishes and monitoring the time on your smartphone from anywhere. Some new models open the door once it’s done for the air to circulate through. 

Smart Refrigerator

A smart refrigerator is more of a smart tablet with built-in options to record the food side’s expiration dates, create a family calendar, store recipes, reminders and what not! It also records whenever someone opens and closes the refrigerator door.

Smart Coffee Machine

If you’re a coffee-lover, then you need this! You can set the timer to start making the coffee in advance and can therefore have coffee ready whenever you want without waiting for it.

Apart from these smart devices, you can also use smart lights and faucets controlled by a central system and accessed from anywhere within the house. 

At Decorpot, we help in the selection of these smart appliances based on your cooking needs. We also design the interiors in Bangalore in such a way that these appliances are just well in the area without blocking or protruding. 


  • Set Voice Command



Voice commands are especially useful in the kitchen when your hands are entirely occupied. All smart kitchen appliances like oven, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator come with built-in voice command operations. You can set up your voice commands with your connected devices like smart phones and speakers to access the appliances from anywhere.

You can just talk to the oven to set the mode or to the refrigerator to log a reminder or the dishwasher to start the washing. You can do all this while you’re anywhere in the house and save a ton of your time!

Our kitchen interior designers in Bangalore have worked on several such smart kitchen projects to transform and modernize the kitchen. You can too elevate your cooking style by hiring our designers from Decorpot. Get a free estimate from our interior designers in Bangalore by reaching out to us today.