How to Perform an Interior Decoration Audit of Your Home

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - How to Perform an Interior Decoration Audit of Your Home

Thinking of buying a new place? Or perhaps you want your home sweet home to turn over a new leaf? Interior decoration is an important aspect to consider in either of these situations. After all, buying or revamping your own home is no small deal. So, where must you start your journey to decorating your home and ensuring a great interior design?

The first step here is to know exactly which areas of your home you need to decorate or redecorate. The next step is to know how you will decorate your home. These assessments can be conducted through an interior decoration audit of your home. Decorpot has come up with a few steps you could follow to perform an interior decoration audit of your home.

Have you found the beauty hidden in your home?
Before looking for décor items in the expensive shops and websites, discover the beauty within your home. Hunt around your basement and attic for those hidden jewels of paintings and vases that you put away before. You may have thought that they did would not go with your décor, but now is the time to reconsider. Who knows, you may find a vintage decorative item that could redefine your interior decoration. 

Is the lighting adequate?
One of the most important aspects of interior decoration is visual appeal. Without appropriate lighting, any number of expensive decorative pieces arranged on your mantel will fail to serve their purpose. So, when performing an interior decoration audit of your home, ask yourself if the lighting is adequate. This includes checking if the brightness of the room is enough and if the color of the lights is fitting. Moreover, the arrangement of all the lamps, chandeliers, and tube lights must also work in your favor.

Does your interior decoration engage all your senses?
In the end, interior decoration is about engaging all your senses to achieve the most powerful and favorable effect. So, focus on the visual aspect, but do not ignore the smell and sound either. A small table fountain with the soft babbling of a brook and some potpourri can enhance your interior decoration greatly. Therefore, when you audit your home décor, think whether your current decoration pleases all your senses.

Are you using your spaces efficiently?
Interior decoration should not only appeal to your senses but also ensure that spaces in your home are used efficiently. Spaces, however large or however small, can be designed to be functional as well as visually appealing. Perhaps you could use foldable furniture in a small study room or arrange hanging plants in a modest balcony. Thus, how you use your space should be among the top things to evaluate when auditing your home’s interior decoration. 

At Decorpot, we provide top-notch interior decoration auditing services. Our interior designers in Hyderabad are always eager to assist you with interior decoration audits and consulting for home interiors.