How to Design a Safe and Comfortable Room for Toddlers

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - How to Design a Safe and Comfortable Room for Toddlers

Having a toddler at home can be like living in the middle of a whirlpool or a hurricane. Things don’t stay in their places, and you’d be constantly worried about the sharp and pointy objects that could harm your kid when you are busy working. 

A toddler is neither a teeny baby nor a big kid. Balancing between creativity and safety is rather hard when it comes to decorating their room. But with the tips offered by expert Interior Designers in Bangalore, you have various ways to redesign your kids’ room in the best possible way.

Cozy and Creative Nursery

Cozy and Creative Nursery

The toddler’s room is the place where your little one plays, explores, learns, and sleeps. It has to cater to all their needs. Have a cozy reading corner with picture books. Set up a toddler bed in another corner. A shelf for toys and a wardrobe for clothes should be a part of the room. Decorpot helps you buy high-quality furniture straight from the manufacturer. Soften the angles by using cushions, plush toys, and quilts. Drape them over the baby furniture. 

Good Lightning 

Try to set up the toddler’s room where there is an abundance of natural light. Kids Bedroom Interior Designers in Bangalore say that natural light energizes the place while also allowing for ventilation and cross-breeze when you open the windows. For the nighttime, you can use dimmers to adjust the lights and install filters on the windows. Do not use fluorescent-colored lights in the kid’s room. It results in restlessness and anxiety. 

Décor for Fun and Learning

Decor for Fun and Learning

The décor in the toddler’s room should be attractive and also help them develop their skills. Home Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest having artwork of nature for kids to identify and compare plants/ flowers. A wall with alphabets and numbers on it will serve a dual purpose. Kids will start to learn on their own and have fun in the process. 

Don’t Ignore the Acoustics

Kids make a lot of noise. You must consider this when designing the toddler’s room. The sounds shouldn’t bounce off the walls and annoy you and the kid. The Interiors in Bangalore can be decorated with carpets, throw rugs, wooden blinds, and wooden floors that absorb the sounds and prevent them from echoing in the room. 

Wallpaper Art 

Wallpaper Art for Kids Room

What does your toddler like the most? You can have those designs on the walls, be it the outline of animals or flowers. The ceiling can have star stickers. Professional Interior Designers in Hyderabad suggest pairing bold colors with pastels to create an overall soft tone so that kids won’t feel too excited or terrified. Make sure to check how the room appears at night. Kids need to sleep well if you want to take some rest, right?


Finally, the best way to design a safe and comfortable toddler room is by keeping things simple, attractive, and cheerful. Don’t go overboard with toys or photo frames. Give your toddler freer space to move about in the room. To hire the services of a professional interior designer, contact Decorpot today.