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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - HOW TO DECOR YOUR HOME DURING SPRING

Spring is around the corner and it’s time to spruce up your home to welcome the season of harvest and bloom. Sometimes all your home needs is a good cleaning and some décor re-design to make it spring ready and fresh as ever. At Decorpot, our best interior designers in Hyderabad would love to share some ideas for the spring makeover of your home, starting from bedroom interiors to the living room interiors. So, read on and get inspired to give your home that lovely touch of spring feeling.

Choose vibrant décor items
Keep the color palette happy and bright and in tandem with the liveliness of spring. Inject color and even floral accents through whimsical décor pieces, colorful lampshades, paintings, and art pieces. Roll out a multicolor rug or a colorful array of tableware, can add a subtle hint of playfulness and visual interest. Pops of color can be carried across the entire room through pillows or a dramatic accent chair, that will keep the eye mesmerized.

Rethink the wall paint
Spring is all about color and embracing the beauty of blooms and change. It is also the season that ushers in bright pops of color into your interior décor. Add a fresh coat of vibrant paint to your room and let the entire room vibrate with positivity. You could even focus color on a feature wall or give your entrance door a paint makeover. Whether you pick subdued pastels or bright shades, you can never go wrong with color in spring.

Freshen up the upholstery and fabrics
It’s time to evaluate the fabrics you use around your home in the form of curtains, bedding, table clothes and opt light and airy alternatives, maybe even a colorful or patterned one. Add gaiety to a room by playing with colorful patterns and prints. Give an old couch a spring makeover by reupholstering it with a funky color or print and change the look of the entire room by enhancing the focal object of the room. Using lighter materials for the curtains will add more air and light to any space.

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Add plants and flowers
As spring is the season of harvest, it will be absurd to not include fresh flowers and plants into your home. Putting out decorative vases filled with fresh flowers, or plants and even succulents can spread positivity and good vibrations across the room while purifying the air as well. Flowers and plants have the innate ability to add visual appeal and to create a pleasing ambiance.

Incorporate natural materials 
Making natural materials a part of the décor of your home instantly transforms it. Natural materials like rattan and wicker are gaining fast popularity as they are naturally occurring and is an environmentally conscious option for furniture and décor. As spring brings us closer to nature, it is also the best time to do something good for nature and keep the positivity at optimum. Incorporating décor items and furniture made out of natural materials are a great addition to any room and it encompasses the room with warmth, joy, and visual appeal.

Give your home a well-deserving spring makeover and spread the joy it brings. We hope these bright ideas have inspired you to make some happy changes at your home. 

We, at Decorpot, the best interior designers in Bangalore, are here to help and guide you in all your home interior designing pursuits, through all the seasons and for every reason.