How to Choose the Perfect Pendant Lights for Your Kitchen

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - How to Choose the Perfect Pendant Lights for Your Kitchen

Pendant lights have been declared as the best choice for kitchens. These are also known as suspender lights as they hand low from the ceiling. It might seem like an easy choice to pick to pendant light for the kitchen. Is it so? 

Interior Designers in Bangalore emphasize that using the right model can change the overall appearance and mood of the kitchen. If you have an open kitchen, this is going extend to the living room as well. Pendant lights also help save energy.

Know Your Kitchen 

Kitchen Pendant Lights

The first step is to understand the layout of the kitchen. The Interiors in chennai have to be designed with care to achieve the ambiance you want in your home. If your kitchen island is huge, you might need a couple of pendants at a distance from each other. Otherwise, a single piece might be enough. You will also need to consider the color/ pattern/ design of the flooring, tiles, shelves, and walls to see which type of pendant light would suit your kitchen. 

The Shape of the Pendant Light

Shape of the Pendant Light

Does the shape of the pendant light affect the overall appearance of the kitchen? Kitchen Interior Designers in chennai say yes. If the modular kitchen, the tiles, the taps, etc., have sharp edges, a pendant light with rounded curves might soften and balance the edges. A pendant light in the shape of a bowl, dome, or even a drum would be a good choice. Similarly, if you want to add a few edges, you can choose the lantern shape, the square, or a cone. 

Size of the Pendant Lights

Size of the Pendant Lights

At Decorpot, the best interior designers in Hyderabad suggest that taking extra time to measure the kitchen’s dimensions and the size of the island counter is very essential. Pendant lights come in different sizes. You will need to decide if you want one large multi-light pendant or multiple smaller single-light pendants to fill the entire kitchen with enough light. You don’t really want to do half the cooking in the dark, right? 

For example, a counter that is around 3*9 inches will need two single-light pendants spaced evenly. 

Color of the Lights

Colorful Kitchen Pendant Lights

This shouldn’t be too hard to decide, isn’t it? Home Interior Designers in Bangalore offer a simple solution. A kitchen in neutral tones will sparkle when you add a bright-colored pendant light and vice versa. The colors should complement each other. Shades light white, black, blue, and silver can be classy and bold, depending on how you use them. 

Height from the Ceiling 

It’s only when you position the pendant lights at the correct height that they will be useful. While the rule of thumb is to have the light between 30 and 36 inches over the countertop, the actual measurement depends on the average height of your family. Interior Designers in Bangalore take your family height into consideration so that the light won't shine directly into your eyes when you enter the kitchen. 


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