How To Choose The Best Kitchen Sink That`s Right For You

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - How To Choose The Best Kitchen Sink That`s Right For You

A modular kitchen is not complete without a sink. Just about any model will not do. From the material to size, shape, and faucet fittings, you need to consider different aspects to choose the right kitchen sink. The sink should match the rest of the kitchen and provide value. It should be functional and good-looking. 

Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest taking time to check various options before deciding on a model of the kitchen sink. It’s not something we replace often, and being sure of our choice is important. 

Type of Sink/ Installation Method

Type of Kitchen Sink

Let’s start at the final step and go backward. Kitchen sinks can be fitted in two ways- on the top of the counter and from below (under-mount sink). The names are self-explanatory, aren’t they? The first model is installed from the top. You can see the edges of the sink on the counter. 

The under-mount is fitted from below so that the setting looks seamless and classy. It is also expensive and has to be installed by a professional. Designers at Decorpot advise you to consider your budget and the aesthetic appeal of the house before making a decision. 

The Material of the Sink

The Material of the Kitchen Sink

A stainless-steel sink is a preferred choice for most people. It is cost-effective and requires less maintenance. That doesn’t mean you have to go with the same without looking at other options. Based on the interior designers in Hyderabad recommendations, you can opt for a granite sink, natural stone sink, or even a porcelain sink. 

Granite sinks are durable, scratch-resistant, and have a very contemporary feel to them. Natural stone sinks are stylish and expensive. But these require extra maintenance. Porcelain sinks are more common in washrooms. You can still pick one for your kitchen if it matches the décor.

Size of the Sink 

Home Interior Designers in chennai say that the size of the sink depends on your needs and the size of the house. If your existing sink is overflowing with utensils, you’ll obviously need a larger one. That said, if your home is compact in size, an extra-large sink will look out of place and draw more attention. Also, check the counter space and shelves around. It’s better to pick one size big than one size small. Or maybe go for the double-bowl model. 

The Shape of the Sink

The Shape of the Sink

Kitchen sinks are round, square, rectangular with rounded edges, etc. Kitchen Interior Designers in Bangalore say that the shape of the sink needs to blend with the interiors of the kitchen. Here, you also need to consider the position of the drain and the number of faucet slots.


Interior Designers in Bangalore can help you find the right kitchen sink by balancing your budget, utility reasons, and aesthetics of your home. Contact at Decorpot and book an appointment today.