How to build your living room around a signature piece

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - How to build your living room around a signature piece

While drinking coffee and flipping through the pages of an interior design magazine, have you ever come across one common element in every picture? Or have you ever wondered how interior designers are able to fit various things in a living room and yet maintain a style code? What intrigues you the most among the colour tone, size, and shape of a living room?

The Interior Designers in Hyderabad will guide you in understanding the art of designing a living room around a signature piece. The first thing that you need to be clear about is whether you have a fully furnished living room and want to place a signature piece in it or you just have your signature piece and want to build your living  room around it. Either way, this short guide will help you to arrive at better conclusions.

How to choose the perfect signature piece

The first step is to select your desired signature piece. Now, a signature piece can be anything from a piece of furniture, artwork, to colour schemes and stylish fabrics. In any case, your signature piece should reflect upon the design perfection that you need to achieve in your living room. It would also be the main focal point of your room adding a desired level of sophistication to it.

While looking for a signature piece, one of the following two things is most likely to happen - either the ideal piece will steal your attention from across a store or you will spend hours trying to find the right one. A great rule of thumb is to go with something beautiful, something antique or something that reminds you of a memory that is close to your heart. If all else fails, you can always go for something that brings a smile to your face or reflects a part of who you are. You can either have more than one signature piece in your living room as well are it can be of varied sizes too. All in all, a signature piece that you believe can compel your guests to take a second look or wonder with amazement, is the one that you need!

Designing a living room around a signature piece

There are really no set rules when it comes to building a living room around a signature piece as the design skills are largely subjective. The most ideal thing to do is to make the most of the unique features of the signature piece and build your living room to complement them. This can be tastefully achieved through the following techniques:


1. Colour

The colour of your signature piece is of prime importance. If you own a signature piece that is dark in colour, you can complement the same with a similarly aligned richer look, or may incorporate light coloured elements in your room and accentuate the signature piece to create a visibly designer contrast. Another easy to use technique is to use the same shade as the colour of signature piece and highlight the tone of room with lamps and upholstery.







2. Style

The desired style of living room greatly impacts your decision regarding how to design your room around a signature piece. If you have chosen a signature piece that is intricately designed and ornate, you can incorporate simpler and more minimalistic elements into the room to create a unique contrast as well as maintain the balance of the room without stealing attention from the glamour of the piece.



On the other hand, if your signature piece is quite modern and abstract, you can blend a vintage touch to the room to incorporate a style of drama as well as intrigue.


3. Size

It is also equally important to take into account the size of your signature piece. If your living room is small and the furniture pieces are huge and bulky, using a lighter signature piece to create contrast is a better to go about it.



Similarly, if you have a small signature piece, it's best to put it near similar sized elements to keep it from being dwarfed. The trick is to not give too much importance to the piece over the room or the other way around. Just work with what you have and simply go with the natural flow of the room.

To sum it up, all your living room needs is that one unique signature piece that reflects who you are and what your mantra in life is. So, do not concern yourself with what others might think, just get the signature piece of your choice. At the end of the day, how your living room imbibes the decor thought behind the signature piece is what reflects your personal style.