Decorpot - Home Interior Designers Opens Experience Center in Kompally Hyderabad Now

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Decorpot - Home Interior Designers Opens Experience Center in Kompally Hyderabad Now

Home interiors complete a Home and bring in a lot of functionality and make a space better and effective. In modern homes, interior design is an important factor as the space is limited and want to make it effective and also to make it look as great and attractive as possible.People are ready to spend one fourth of their budget on home interior design as per our interior designers in hyderabad. So the demand for interior designers is high in urban cities.Kompally which is one of the most developing locality in hyderabad, which is also a highly preferred residential area for people of hyderabad as it is located at a serene area that is not so outer to the city and surrounded by greeneries and accessible to all major necessities such as hospitals, schools, colleges, supermarkets and more.

kompally hyderabad

So with many people moving into the locality to build or to buy new apartments and villas, the need for interior design in kompally hyderabad is reaching peak now, Decorpot Home Interiors who is located Gachibowli is already doing interior design services in hyderabad and now expanding our services in the city by opening our new experience center in kompally.


Decorpot Home Interiors - founded in 2015 with a group of Visionary minds and industry experts, with the purpose of delivering dream home interiors to people at premium quality at a fair price. Starting in bangalore, we started designing home interiors with the most innovative and unique designs to enhance the home space that is loved by people. Through our customers word of mouth and response, we started growing day by day and expanded our services to more cities.

We stepped foot in hyderabad with our exclusive experience center in gachibowli. People welcomed and trusted us with warm hearts and we designed their home spaces with interiors that are aesthetically alluring and highly functional. The tremendous response around the city and the high demand made us to expand our service in the city now opening an experience center in kompally with an eye to work more effectively and design the dream of the people and converting home spaces better.


Home interior design is an art that requires attention, comprehensive and execution skills, and knowledge of space and contemporary lifestyle and trends. Our team of interior designers in kompally is expertise in the field of interior design and known for creating waves with their trendsetting design styles that are very much detailed, riveting, and infused with the likes and preferences of clients.

Our interior designers in Hyderabad understand your space and preferences and come up with a perfect design plan that satisfies your needs and expectations. The design is focused on increasing productivity, easy accessibility, and enhancing the lifestyle along with the overall visual appeal of the home.


The best and most preferred way of interior design is to create a specific design style and pattern that will be spread across all corners of a home. Our holistic approach is to design and install end-to-end home interiors for every part of your home. Our interior designers in kompally will sit with you and discuss your needs and bring a perfect design plan for all parts of your home.

Living Room interior design in kompally

living room interior design in kompally

Living rooms are very much connected to your day-to-day life as it is your comfort and connect place where you relax and have a good time together with your family. So it needs to be in a way that is refreshing and not monotonous. Our interior designers in kompally design lively and practical living room interiors with Tv units, wall paneling, false ceiling designs, storage, and showcase units along with making your entrance special with fantastic foyer units.

Kitchen interior design in kompally

kitchen interior design in bangalore

Kitchen is a vital part of a home. It channels energy to you and your home on a daily basis. So your kitchen should be easily accessible, clutter-free, and highly functional one. Our interior designers in kompally bring you the perfect kitchen interior design that will ease your work with durable countertops, multifunctional kitchen islands, smart storage options, and more

Bedroom interior design in kompally

bedroom interior design in kompally

Bedrooms are where you spend most of your time. It should be the most comfortable place in your home. It also has to reset your mood. Our design experts create flaunting and flawless master bedroom interior design, Lavishing kids bedroom interior design, and Welcoming guest bedroom interiors that will add more style to your room.


We have opened an exclusive experience center in kompally hyderabad where you can look and feel the different types of home interiors and can consult our interior designers in kompally to get your desired and deserved home interiors for your space.