Top 15+ Excellent Hall Colour Combination Ideas for your Grand Living Room

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Top 15+ Excellent Hall Colour Combination Ideas for your Grand Living Room

A living room, also called the hall, drawing room, lounge, a sitting room and a front room is the prime location inside the home. From entertaining your guests to chilling on the couch and binge watching your favourite shows, the living room is a commonly accessed area by everyone.

It is important to have an attractive living room. Nonetheless, in this article, Decorpot will help you charm your living room at home! Read this article on our website to learn more.

Different Colour Combinations for Halls to Host Your Guests in Style

A Tangy Orаnge Hall Cоlоur Cоmbinаtiоn:

Give your living room an Orange theme. This will keep the mind calm as the orange colour resembles Sunset! Orange is a unique colour to pick for the living area. Make sure you give this colour combination a try!

А Pretty Pastel Pаrаdisе Hall Colour Combination:

pretty pastel paradise hall colour combination

Source: Pinterest

Choosing a light colour such as Lavender is a perfect choice for the living area. The light shade makes the living area look bigger and broader. With ambient lighting in the living area, witness your living room shining like a star with Pastel colours.

А Pure Red Colour Combinations for Living Hall:

pure red color combinations for living hall

Source: Pinterest

Choosing red can resemble love. Welcome your guests home with love and affection. Picking a bright red variant for your living room will make it look red hot!

А Perfect Purрlе Hаll Cоlоr Combination:

Taking your hall decoration a step ahead? Try this method! Paint one of the walls dark violet. Use lilac on the other three walls. This dark and light combination gives a soothing look to the hall and can impress your guests.

А Beаutiful Blue Hаll Color Combination:

beautiful blue hall color combtnation

Source: Pinterest

The sky is blue! And so is the colour of the sea. Blue acts as a natural colour on the walls. If you wish to take your modifications a step ahead, keep one wall in Navy blue. Use light yellow on the other walls. This distinctive look can leave a good impression on your guest's heart.

Рurрle аnd Gunmetаl Grey Hаll Colour Combination:

For an out of the box idea, here is a pro tip for your living room area. Pick a wall and apply purple on it. Next, use grey colour on the other walls. The finish will leave you jaw-dropping as the result will be extremely pleasing.

Аquаrium Blue аnd Grарe Hаll Colour Combination:

aquarium blue hall color combination

Source: Pinterest

This two shade colour combination will give your hall an aquatic look. Applying such vibrant colours to your hall and having matching furniture for this is like a cherry on top of the cake!

Brоwn аnd Green Hаll Colour Combination:

When choosing brown and green for your home wall colour combination, this resembles the colours of a tree. Your hall will get a natural look by this combination. With swift air flow around the hall, get ready to experience a feeling of nature at home!

Сreаm аnd Aquа Hаll Colour Combination:

cream and aqua hall color combination

Source: Pinterest

Cream and Aqua combination creates а airy and light atmosphere in yоur home. This combo resembles a beach theme. While the water is blue, the sand is cream in colour. This соmbinаtiоn for your living room creates a relaxing atmosphere. It is also suited for beach houses and guest houses.

White and Orange Hаll Colour Combination:

The Orange and White combination is more like the sun and cloud duo. This is a fantastic choice for the living room and also for other areas of the house. Orange gives a high spirited feeling.

White and Grey Hаll Colour Combination:

white and grey hall color combination

Source: Pinterest

If Grey is your favourite colour, then style your living room with monochrome themes. Using multiple shades of Grey with white can give a surprising finish to your living room walls.

Yellow and Blue Colour Combination:

yellow and blue hall color combination

Source: Pinterest

A striking idea for your living room would be picking. Yellow can affect your mood by boosting its concentration. A sprightly blue and mellow yellow combination makes your living room attractive.

Turquoise and Soft Pink Colour Combination:

turquoise and soft pink color combination

Source: Pinterest

This is a very rare colour combination to select for your living room. This is more of a girlish theme. Picking turquoise blue and pink goes well even for a bedroom. So if you're looking to please your lady love, think no further than this cute colour combination of pink and blue for your living room.

Yellow and Blue Colour Combination:

Bright colour combinations for walls, like orange and blue speak for mental force. Using such bold themes will leave your guests impressed all the way long. Light coloured furniture goes well with this colour combination. So make sure your living room is well set for its stunning looks.

Navy Blue With Light Colours for a Classy Hall Colour Combination:

If your favourite colour is blue and you're using the same for your hall, then white makes a good match for it. White and Blue theme goes all hands down for the living room. So make sure you give this theme a try to deck up your living room.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Hall Colour Design:

The most important factor to keep in mind before picking a hall colour design is thinking about implementing your favourite colour in it. Know what colours can go well with each other. Remember about the furniture you choose and ensure that it matches with the walls of your home. Do some research before making a final choice to give your living room the best look possible!

How do I choose a Hall Paint?

The main key answer to this is to find a colour that inspires you. Look for different colour schemes and what artwork can be done on top of it if required in the future.

How can Decorpot help you?

At Decorpot, we respect every choice you make. Place your trust in our interior designers in bangalore who will suggest you with fabulous designs for your home wall colour combinations. Your living room will be taken to the next level with unique colour themes at best affordable prices.

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Q1. What is the best colour combination for living rooms to be more appealing?

Colours such as light and dark themes go well together. Red and white is an ideal choice and most picked by Indians. Blue is also an ideal choice preferred by many.

Q2. How do I make my living room look more expensive without spending too much money?

To give your living room a lavish look, try placing fancy furniture with a big TV. A gorgeous painting hanging in the living room will also leave an impression on your guests. Painting the hall with shades of orange, grey or blue gives it a rich and appealing look.