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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - GORGEOUS ATTIC LIVING ROOM DESIGNS THAT WILL DELIGHT YOU

An attic is a space that’s directly under the roof. Unless it is too small and cramped, you can make the most of this place and turn it into an attractive, useful, and cozy living room. If you love interior designing and keep track of the trends in the market, you might have noticed the increased demand for converting attics into living rooms. 

It doesn’t sound like an easy job, but you can trust the Home Interior Designers in Bangalore to take care of it for you. You can turn the dusty and dull attic into a cozy private living area where you can lounge with your loved ones in peace. 

Let’s take a look at some marvelous designs to make the most of your attic. 

Warm Attic Living Room In Winter

If your home has been built of natural stone and wood, Interior Designers in Bangalore can help you easily convert the attic into a cozy and warm living room, where you can escape during the winter season. You can fit a small fireplace to set up in a corner. You can enjoy the beauty of cold winters through the open window or curl up on a sofa with the fire burning. 

Angled Roof And Beams Are Stylish Too

Angled Roof Attic Living Room

It might sound inconvenient to have beams and slant roofs overhead in the attic. The best interior designers in Hyderabad at Decorpot can provide ideas to use these to decorate the place as per your wish. From rustic to contemporary to artsy, the beams in the attic support the structure and add beauty to the attic living room.

Skylights For Nature Lovers 

If the roof of your home can be redesigned to include skylights, go for it without wasting any time. Skylights can make the place appear more spacious and bright during the day time. And at night, you get to see the beautiful night sky, the rolling clouds, and the twinkling stars right from your attic living room. Skylights suit wooden attics very well. Also, you don’t have to worry about including furniture in deep and rich colors. 

More Windows For A Panoramic View

Windows Attic Living Room

Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore know the importance of having enough windows in a house. The same can be said about the attic living room. If you have an unobstructed view from your attic, make sure to have at least two windows (one on each side). You can enjoy not only the cool breeze but also the beauty of your surroundings. To make the area appear more spacious, place minimum furniture (smaller pieces) and leave the rest bare. 

A Functional Living Room

Functional Attic Living Room

What if your attic is small? The Interior Designers in Bangalore will convert it into a functional living room, focusing on your needs. A TV, a shelf for books, and a compact sofa with a comforter are sometimes more than enough. 

Contact expert interior designers at Decorpot to assist you in converting the attic into a second living room. Share your ideas with them, and see them refine the designs and bring them to life and transform your home.