False Ceiling Diary

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - False Ceiling Diary

The advent of interior designing has marked a considerable demand in the false ceilings when it comes to home interiors. People have started to relate it with the affluence and luxury, but more than that the practical benefits it provides are summed in our blog. We have tried to answer why, where and how related to the use of false ceilings along with the challenges that have to be considered while planning out for one in your interior design.

What - False Ceiling as a grand part of Home Interiors

Why - 

Ultimate decor component - with its structural and light radiance gleaming in the entire place, it’s one of the best ways to jazz up your entire space and make your living more lively

Facilitates energy saving - the false ceiling provides a roof for less energy-consuming LED lights. Also, the decrease in cubic volume of the total space by crafting false ceiling economizes the consumption of air conditioning appliances in the long run

Thermal insulation - especially in regards to independent houses or the topmost floor of community apartments, where the sunlight falls directly, false ceiling works as relieving insulation for the extra heat

Concealing the wires - in today’s lifestyle, which has increased the usage of home appliances and electrical fixtures, the true ceiling may not provide enough camouflage for the number of wires. In such cases, false ceilings are a solution!

False Ceiling Interior designers in Bangalore

Where - 

Living and Dining - the most common places and the areas where you can utilize most of the aesthetic and functional benefits of a false ceiling are living and dining.

Master bedroom - if you are looking for design richness in your bedroom, false ceiling and successfully fulfill your wants and needs.

Kids bedroom - it is usually suggested to opt for an interesting false ceiling in the kid’s room. The moment kids lay on their bed, their fascination and imagination will be stimulated with creative designs of ceilings.

Kitchen - with kitchen, its important to be particular about the material that will be deployed as moisture and dampness is a concern that has to be checked upon in the area.

Living room false ceiling interior designers

How - How of this module deals with the humongous design options and ways and fashions that you can experiment during styling your false ceiling. 

Material - these can be crafted well with most forms of material such as wood, fiber, glass, pop, etc

Types - there are different types of false that are trendy and you can pick your favorite. Some great designs include rafter ceilings (with wooden effect planks) and floating wall ceilings (that are stretched all the way from top to down the wall, eg- the piano ceilings of the kid’s room in the second image, that are designers created for a family)

Multiple ways of glamming up - false ceilings can be brilliantly chiseled at places, to give a seat to fancy strip and cove lights. You can either throw up wallpaper or swirl the texture of paint on them. Other decor elements include glass, fabrics, and more.

Challenges - 

Expertise and precision - it requires an experienced work team to flawlessly execute the false ceilings so that after the final coatings of paint, they look equally seamless. It is recommended to approach professional interior designers in Hyderabad for the purpose (for your home interiors need in Bangalore, feel free to reach to our team - Contact Us)

Material composition - as dampness and moisture can be a thing to tackle with, in certain sections of your home, like kitchen, a professional team can get the right composition for you that sustains a long way.

We hope the blog helps to give a brief on the integrated information regarding different aspects of using a false ceiling in your home interiors. To understand how professional design companies are easing out the pain and hassle of getting the perfect home interiors, check out our respective Blog.