Fall in love with the elegance of modernity at Brigade Lakefront

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Fall in love with the elegance of modernity at Brigade Lakefront

A house with a modern theme is a perfect example of a wondrous fusion of style with simplicity. Modern home decor with its clean lines, neutral colour palette, and geometric shapes oozes a warm and welcoming vibe without being cluttered and dark. Such a style is becoming increasingly popular among and enthusiastically opted by our beloved customers who are falling head over heels for the subtle sophistication of modern home decor. Here's one of our latest projects of at Brigade Lakefront, which has been highly acclaimed and appraised by our clients.

A foyer is the first impression of the decor and feels that your home offers to its visitors. As we enter this apartment, we were greeted by a beautifully designed contemporary foyer made of acrylic, which offers a glimpse towards the tone of the entire home. The soft colour palette and minimalist design of this modern entryway rest spectacularly well against an intricately designed wall which provides a perfect opportunity to brighten visitors' moods.




Keeping up with the warm tone of the foyer, the living room boasts of vibrant and welcoming charm to it. The shiny white walls, floor and ceiling act as the perfect base to complement the furnishings and bring out their best look. The simple furnishings with smooth finishes and basic clean-lined accessories instantly soothe the tone of the room. The beautifully blue couch resting against a soft, neutral colour palette stands out as the focal piece in the entire room and makes a bold statement. The cushions have been smartly designed to reflect the theme of the entire living room, boasting of blue and yellow patterns against a white backdrop. The blue printed curtains compliment the signature piece well. The white center table atop a furry rug adds to the perfect neutral base and offers an opportunity for the clean-lined furnishings to stand out. The TV unit set against an extravagant stone cladded backdrop opposes the simplicity of the room well and makes a strong design statement.




This modern kitchen boasts of clear and sharp textures that represent a unique fusion of smart storage with style and elegance. Well, lit spaces are the hallmarks of strong modern designs, and this kitchen does justice to it. The clever use of lighting ensures that every nook and corner of the food preparation area is beautifully lit. The entire white colour theme of the kitchen is meant to instantly brighten a cook's mood with its shine and enable the person to cook food in a happy, loving mood. The acrylic storage units with quartz countertop and dark violet colour look extraordinary against the all-white backdrop. The wooden frame at the entrance and a solitary plant leaf add an entirely different dimension to an all-white kitchen. The little kitchen accessories seem like pops of colours against a clean backdrop.

This contemporary master bedroom is the prime definition of beauty and elegance that lies in simplicity. The accents of dark brown coloured furnishings against the white walls and ceiling and the light wooden textured floor reflect modernism at its best. The master bed, set against a spectacularly designed wall, add character to the room while keeping the concept open and functional. The brown patterns on the white bedding and pillows reflect the colour tone of the entire room excellently. In addition, the dark brown dressing table on the side with a minimalistic approach is stylish on its own without stealing focus from the master bed. The sliding wardrobes made of wood finish laminate are a stylish space-saving solution that boasts of the creativity behind modernity. The soft lighting, plush bedding, and the cosy colour tone of the master bedroom are meant for the promotion of better sleep and comfort.


This kid's bedroom has been designed to reflect the quirky and fun personalities of kids. With a minimalistic approach yet colourful like a child's mind, this room demonstrates a fresh and clean aesthetic with plenty of room for imagination. Bright sky blue accents pop out from the clean white backdrop with adorable cartoon characters prompting instant smiles wherever found. The acrylic wardrobes of white and blue colour are as vibrant and simple as a child's innocence. The beautiful handmade and hand painted false ceiling makes a child eager to go to bed at night and fall into his own world of imagination while looking above at the fun patterns. The little simple wooden study table at the corner is meant for the kid to focus only on the needed. The zebra patterned bedding with cute printed animal characters and the white cushions with black polka dots break away from the main colour palette and offer a fun bedtime to kids.

The sleek line furnishings and the natural textures in contrast to whites and creams are what speaks to our customers the most here and make them feel welcome. This is a home that gives off a comforting vibe to its visitors as well as offers the perfect opportunity to its residents to relax and recharge. The soothing palettes and the contemporary decor of this home seeks a perfect balance between clean lines and cosy accents. Such decor is both easy on the eyes and big on comfort, which makes it a favourite among our clients.