Essential Christmas Checklist for Decorating Your Home

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Essential Christmas Checklist for Decorating Your Home

Whether it’s your first time decorating the house for Christmas or the nth time, having a checklist always comes in handy. For one, it saves you from forgetting something important and rushing out at the last minute.

Don’t feel the stress of the season. The Interior Designers in Bangalore at Decorpot created a comprehensive checklist for you to save, print, and follow!

Christmas tree

Be it a fresh Xmas Tree or an artificial one. Be it a Small Christmas Tree or a gigantic one, no Christmas decoration is complete without a nice and green tree at home. Even the simplest-looking tree can brighten up the interiors beautiful and give your home a happy and cozy appearance. 

Scented Candles

Beautiful Christmas Trees have an earthy fragrance of their own. The scent of a fresh pine tree is hard to ignore. That doesn’t mean you can’t add a few scented candles to the setting. Scents like citrus or mulled cider work great with fresh trees. Scents of evergreen trees are perfect if you set up an artificial tree. 

Tree Skirt and Tree Stand

The Christmas tree is incomplete without the stand and the skirt. The tree stand keeps the tree hydrated for as long as it’s up in your house. The tree skirt wraps around the base to prevent the pine needles from scattering all around. Home Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest using baskets if you don’t like tree skirts. 

Holiday Flags 

Holiday flags are so bright and cheerful! If you can’t decorate the flags outside the house, use them inside. Why not use color-themed holiday flags as a part of Xmas Tree Decorations? That should be unique and interesting. 

Amaranthine Wreath

Even though the wreath is traditionally hung on the front door to indicate that you’re decorating for Christmas, you can use the wreath on any of the doors inside your home. In fact, you can hang them on the walls or near the Xmas tree. 

Wooden Decorations 

Interior Designers in Bangalore have various ideas to creatively set up the nativity scene or use the wooden nutcrackers to give a new spin on Christmas decorations. You can adhere to the traditional arrangement and still give it your own twist. 

Glorious Garlands

What matches the Xmas Tree decoration? The lush green garlands, of course! The garland is used to decorate the door along with the wreath. However, you can use it to decorate the walls, staircase, and other rooms. Garlands can serve as the only decoration in smaller rooms. 

Christmas tree Ornaments

How can a Christmas tree be complete without the ornaments? Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest creating a theme to decorate the tree with ornaments. You can use the existing ones, get kids to make some, and buy a few more from the market. Don’t be afraid to try something different. 

Strings of Lights 

You’ll need more than a single string of lights to cover the tree, the outside of your home, the staircase, and other areas you want to brighten up with fairy lights. Coordinate the colors and designs before you buy any more strings of lights. 

Stocking Hooks and Stockings

Once the Christmas Tree Decoration is in full swing, you need to hook the stocking on the mantel near it. Grab sturdy hooks that can hold an overflowing stocking and survive the tug of war with kids. The same goes for stockings too. You don’t want them to tear open before kids have a chance to peep in. 


Interior designers at Decorpot have years of experience providing personalized designing services to clients with varying preferences and requirements. Let’s make your home the best place on earth.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!