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We are living in an era where space is very much a point of concern and need. Each extra square feet costs you a fortune in metropolitan cities. So modern homes that are designed nowadays focus more on saving space by adding multifunctional elements into them. When it comes to modular kitchens, kitchen islands play an important role being such elements. Due to their multi functionality and also the fact they improve the overall appearance of the kitchen to a different level, people prefer to have it. So here are some elegant kitchen island design ideas for your modular kitchen from the best of interior designers in Bangalore.


Swiss Kitchen Island

Just like a multipurpose Swiss knife, this kitchen island can help you in many ways. First they save you a lot of space by eliminating the need to have a separate dining area or table and it will be a very good gathering place for a small family where everyone dines together. Next they have storage racks which will free you from shackles of clutter, says interior designers in hyderabad. And also they act as space to keep and cut things while cooking which makes your work easy.


Kitchen Island with appliances

Most of the kitchen space will be occupied by appliances and crockeries, so it will be tough for one to get ample space for cooking. So taking those appliances such as ovens, otg, baskets and even kitchen sinks to your kitchen island will free you a lot of space. Moreover it also makes you keep your cooking area clean. Many best interior designers in Chennai say these are the type of design most people prefer these days.

Mini Kitchen Island:

A tiny version is always lovable and handy as it looks attractive. Having a mini kitchen island will improve the look into a more sweeter one. Moreover it is very much comfortable and enough for small apartments and couples. Having them in the middle of your modular kitchen will help you to keep things and also can be a place for quick breakfast. Top interior designers in Bangalore stated that this type of Kitchen Island mostly gets an instant green light from people in the city.


Marble Kitchen Island:

Marble always brings you a marvelous look. They are also very durable and deliver a statement of luxury. Having Marble Kitchen Island and its countertop will ease your maintenance work and also you could have a bottom storage place where you can keep things. According to interior designers in Chennai, for a big and spacious modular kitchen, Marble kitchen islands are a perfect fit.



Not just saving space, the uniqueness and style quotient of your interiors will be changed by the type of Kitchen Island you have. They make things easier and better for you in many ways. There are still many types of designs available to try out which are designed by our best interior designers in Hyderabad at Decorpot.



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