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At Decorpot, we carefully plan the design and curate décor elements accordingly too. Take for instance our client Mr. Ashok Kumar and his lovely family, who came to us with the hope and a wish, that we can give shape to their dream home.


The first glance

As soon as one enters the home, the foyer gives a complete picture of this splendid home. The ravishing neutral colors and lighting are quite eye-catching but what really stands out is the beautiful painting of the Buddha, that radiates a very peaceful aura within the home. The idea was to keep the design modern with a hint of traditional touch and the indoor plants add to the fresh feeling of the entire home.



An elemental Living room

The living room definitely stands out in this design, with a lot of feature elements in one space. The conceptual ceiling design with cove lights and designer lighted fans add to the glamour quotient whereas the solid colours used on ceiling elements and below on the sofa sets set the traditional sensibilities.



Cozy Dining Space

The family wanted a dining space that is separate yet cozy wherein the family can enjoy many meals over interesting discussions. So, we took additional care while creating the dining hall. To keep things simple yet interesting we gave furniture that match the ones in the hall along with a JALI design panel that separated it from the living area acting as a pseudo partition.



Functional yet Comfortable Kitchen Space

The kitchen has been designed spaciously with a simple yet elegant finish for all their storage requirements. The back of the stove has minimal tiles with beautiful patterns to match the overall color scheme of the kitchen. The Black and white theme renders the space a bigger yet open feel, while the cabinets add onto the functionality and usage of the available space within.



Bright and airy rooms

Each room has been designed keeping its occupants in mind. For the master bedroom, the color of the walls and the furniture finish have been kept similar, in order to ensure that they blend well together. The rooms have been painted with light colors as this gives it a more palatial and spacious feel! All the shelves in the rooms have been closed to ensure that the privacy of the occupants is intact.



Recreational zone within reach

What is great about this family is that they have an entire room dedicated to leisure and other hobbies, the gym room even though is dedicated to recreation ensuring a fit mind and healthy body, follows the same design concept of entire home. Extra care was taken while designing the room to ensure that the room is well lit by following the same concept of cove lighting with less furniture, giving the occupants enough space to work out and move around too.



Home should be a place that more than protection and privacy, offers you your own space within it. Your house cannot become a home, if it fails to comfort you and give the right vibe. This was the creative brief that we received from the Ashok Family and we stuck onto our designing cues and delivered them a home which made them say that – “They made my home special, every corner of it” and this is what made our day too!