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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - ECO FRIENDLY GANESH CHATURTHI CELEBRATION DECORS

Ganesh chaturthi is the festival of new beginnings and for inviting more fortunes to home. It's the festival when people turn their home into a mini temple to show their love to lord ganesha to bring joy, prosperity and wealth to home. So they tend to decorate their puja room with the idol of lord ganesha. Nowadays people are more concerned about nature and they want their decorations to be eco-friendly to give respect to the god of nature himself. Let’s see some ecofriendly Ganesh Chaturthi decor ideas for your home.

Go Green Ganpati Decoration

When talking about doing good for Nature, the first step is to bring nature inside your home. Having a clay statue is better if you want to follow the tradition of dissolving the statue after celebration. Or you can go with the permanent one if you have it at home. Decorating the statue and surrounding it with plants and flowers is not only ecofriendly but also will look fresh and vibrant.

Paper decor

You don't need to spend a fortune hoping to get another one. Paper decorations don't cost you much but will give the same impact when you decorate your favorite ganesha idol. This will also give work for your creativity and you can let your children help you with who will be excited doing this. Doing origami works and sticking them on the wall or hanging them using thread near and back the statue with color pacers will do wonders.

Go vintage Ganpati Decoration

Sometimes going with the old time decoration ideas that are traditionally followed end up as best. Using mango leaves and tying them on rope as decorating elements over the statue or puja area and having banana leaves on both sides of the statue are long following practices. Using flower garlands also makes them look devotional.

Traditional Ganesha Chaturthi Light up decor

Along with the traditional and mandatory decor elements, the mix of modern lights will make it look more lively. Colorful LED lights behind the statue will give it more focal point and also be attractive. The puja room surrounded with light works will illuminate the mandap area where the lord ganesha presents with grace.

Go open and spacey

Sometimes your puja area will be too congested to make your dream decoration. Ao placing the idol in an open area near your living room where you have a showcase area will help you well. You can decorate it with flowers and also with other small idols or lamps. It will make your preparation look grand and attractive.

Eco-Friendly Ganesha Idol And Stay Away From Synthetic Colours

One of the best ways to avoid water pollution during Ganesha Chaturthi is to choose an eco-friendly option for your idol. There are many interior designers in Hyderabad who can help you create a beautiful and environmentally friendly Ganesha idol. By using natural materials and avoiding harmful chemicals, you can help protect our waterways and make a positive impact on the environment.


These are some eco-friendly decor tips for upcoming ganesh chaturthi. You can choose or combine them depending on your need and show your love to lord ganesha on his birthday. We at team decorpot wish you a happy ganesh chaturthi.



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