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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 10 BEST DRAWING ROOM DESIGNS FOR YOUR HOME IN 2023


Drawing rooms are the term that bloomed during the late 16th century and was mostly common around Western countries. It was mainly a room or area to host and spend time with the guest, mainly to make your guest feel at home and comfortable. It was the time back then when guests visit someone after a long journey and stay over at the homes of their friends or family for a long period of time. It was really long that could last a year or more. Remember the famous short story in the syllabus called ‘selfish giant’ where a friend of the giant stayed as a guest for 10 or 12 long years that we joked about? 12 hours became a stretch now for many.

Anyways it's our privilege and courteous to treat our guests well and make them feel comfortable and be very welcoming. So the drawing rooms used to be as big as the living rooms but in a formal way. But having a space where you can host the guests, have a conversation and good time is not about the size but its all about the gratitude and showing the beauty in simplicity.


But now in the modern era, especially in India, Drawing room designs don't have much priority to have a big space, let alone space in small apartments. Living rooms are considered to be enough because of the limited space availability and its multifunctional nature. People use the living room as the area of recreation, leisure, socializing, entertainment, and more

Still, Drawing room interiors are preferred by many people in different forms and designs. A simple, small, compact yet comfortable drawing room design with a surrounding that is good for hosting your guests over a cup of coffee or meal is often recommended by our interior designers in bangalore and that is very much welcomed by people too.


The main purpose of the drawing room is to entertain and host the guests. Drawing room is a welcoming place where your friends or family members who visit your home can sit, relax and make themselves feel comfortable. It's important to have such a place because having a separate drawing room brings you more options and can hold more guests without disturbing your own space.

10 Top Best Drawing room designs for your home

Every home has its own vibe. To bring out that, a specific design of choice of people who live in the home is needed. Interior design is a way to represent, convey, and show off your taste and likes. It let you impress others.

For drawing rooms, there are a lot of design styles available and also new trends keep emerging every day. You might be in a lot of confusion to choose the exact style that matches your taste and preference for your drawing room. No worries, Our interior designers in pune are here to help you with the 10 best drawing room design ideas for your home.

Modern Art Drawing Room

modern art drawing room design

  • Easy way to attract eyes and enhance a space is to place an art.
  • It is not just an eye catchy technique but also a statement element that brings more meaning to your space.
  • Adding modern furniture pieces that match the color of the drawing room with some small storage cabinets over the wall will make your drawing room look stunning.

Minimalistic Drawing Room

minimalistic drawing room design

  • Sometimes being simple and minimal represent a lot.
  • It will attract the eyes and bring in a calm and normal feel to your home.
  • Minimalism does that exactly. Placing simple furnitures and calm whites in the background with a small table will be enough to make the guests feel good.

Rustic Drawing Room Design

rustic drawing room design

  • Adding more details and objects denotes rustic style.
  • Rugs, hard sofas, wooden accents over the wall, carpets, wall art are installed in a drawing room that makes it feel like an country feel.
  • This style is mostly preferred in cold areas.

European style Drawing Room Design

european style drawing room design

  • European style possess a spacious, functional and clean space which naturally gives a grandeur to your drawing room.
  • Detailed wall art, articrafts, single sofas brings the european vibe that helps your guests to feel home.

Go Green Drawing Room Design

go green drawing room design

  • Being Eco-friendly as possible as you can is one of the most needed thing in today’s world.
  • Using ecofriendly objects and materials not just contributes wellness to nature but also bring in a fresh style to your drawing room.
  • Adding plants, flowers and some greeneries in your drawing room will be refreshing.

Open Drawing Room Design

open drawing room design

  • In some homes, people tend to put furnitures and table in lawn or backyard or frontyard of their home and make it as the place to chill out and host guests.
  • Its actually a wise thing to do which can safe you space inside your home and also it will be good to be in an open space with some breezy air.

Balcony Drawing Room Design

balcony drawing room design

  • Balcony is a good place to sit with your guests and have a cup of coffee.
  • Placing simple chairs and tables with some light decor to lit up the mood will let you have a beautiful area to relax and host people.
  • It will also saves you space.

Wooden Drawing Room Design

Going with wooden materials for panels and furnitures will give your drawing room a vintage look and a warm feel.

Wood always gives that aesthetic and majestic aura that enhances the overall visual appeal.

Carpets and hanging wall arts makes it look more detailed and immersive and let your guest know about your taste.

Eclectic Drawing Room Design

eclectic drawing room design

  • Some people and space doesnt settle with just one specific style.
  • Blending in multiple styles together makes it m ore interesting.
  • Eclectic style is now one of the hottest trend among interior designers in chennai which let you have a unique style of drawing room design of your choice.
  • It will definitely make your guest go awe and letb them feel the energy of it.

Cabin Drawing Room Design

cabin drawing room design

  • A closed separate cabin as drawing room design is mostly preferred among people deals with business.
  • Having a separate cabin for that will let you host the guests or visitors there and have the meeting and also act as your personal workspace.


Regardless of what style and design you choose, there are certain things that you have to follow and are inevitable in creating a wonderful drawing room space. So lets see some of the expert drawing room tips from our interior designers in coimbatore that will enhance your home.


For a drawing room, a space that requires the seating area as a primary factor, furniture are very important and pivotal. So you need to invest in proper furniture or sofas that suits the space, style, and vibe of your drawing room.


Color always sets up the mood and vibe of a space or room. It's important to choose a color combination for your drawing room. It can be calm with whites, punchy with yellow, or refreshing with green, it's up to your choice.


It's always the lights that enhance and illuminate the surroundings and level up the attractiveness. So Using various types of lights will help you to make your drawing room design glowing and grandeur


Having your drawing room near a window is ideal as it brings in light and air. When you have windows, You can add curtains to enhance the visual appeal of your drawing room interior as naturally brings an eye catchy factor with itself. Also adding art pieces and paintings on the wall will change the overall aesthetics of your drawing room.

Why Choose Decorpot for your Drawing Room Interior Design?

These are top 10 drawing room design ideas and tips to get your home a stunning drawing room stated exclusively by our interior designers in hyderabad, For a space that treats guests special, you need a design that is warm and inviting as you. Decorpot helps you create most personalized and trendy drawing room interior designs that will make your guests remember the time they spend in your home forever.

Now you can get a price quote for your home interior design for all types of home spaces.


1. What is drawing room interior design and its benefits?

The process of converting a part of your home space into a functional and practical area with aesthetic designs that will be turned into a place to host your guest is called a drawing room. Drawing room design will enhance the overall visual appeal of the home.

2. Which color is the best for the drawing room?

The color preference is subjective to your taste and nature of the space and the interior design style you like to go with. Our interior designers in chennai suggest calm whites, and ocean blues for a peaceful and minimal vibe. Golden Yellows and lush greens for a punchy, positive, and refreshing vibe.

3. What furniture do you need for a drawing room?

A simple, formal furniture setup will be enough for a drawing room design of your home. If you want a more personalized design and set up you can go for single sofas which can be moved. They will bring a statement look to your drawing room.

4. How do you style a drawing room?

You style up your drawing room interior with various factors such as adding furniture, choosing the correct color combination, using proper lighting, bringing in artwork, paintings, curtains, and more. To get a more personalized and functional drawing room interior design, you can reach out to book free consultation now.

5. How decorpot can help you?

In Decorpot, our interior designers in bangalore help you design your home interiors to transform your space into practical, functional ones and enhance the visual style of your home in the way you want.