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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - DIWALI DELIGHT AT DECORPOT

Diwali has always been the favorite festival of most people in India, as it is the pinnacle of celebration as it can get. From lights, lanterns to crackers and a feast of sweets, Diwali brings people together and spreads happiness all over. Diwali is blended with cultural, spiritual and cheerful attributes that doesn't lose its grab over any modernisation. So for the most famous Indian festival around the world, our employees at Decorpot in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad came together to have a fun time with a lot of activities and shared their smiles and happiness with everyone.


As a part of our diwali celebration, our decorpot team at Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai showed off their creativity in decorating the pots with colorful designs.  They formed groups and painted their artful designs with happy faces.

Our design experts at Bangalore gathered and did some beautiful pot works as we see below.

They went back in time and turned into little children playing with colors. With different patterns and colors, each of them were unique and reflected their commitment and happiness.

Our design experts at Chennai made some artistic miniature pots which bring the exact Diwali vibe.


Flowers always have a presence during festivals and celebrations. They are the symbol of positive vibrance and respect. Our teams at Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai made beautiful flower rangolis to welcome the festival.


Converting scraps into usable props is an art. Our design experts in Chennai mastered it with their creativity and created a beautiful lantern together. With waste materials such as bottles, cups, papers they made some beautiful lanterns and decorative elements.


Traditional wear is what brings you the festive vibe immediately. With diverse culture and heritage, India has a wide range of traditions from different parts of the nation. Diwali is one of such festivals that brings all cultures and traditions together. Our employees at decorpot dressed up in their traditional attire and graced their presence in celebration.

Our Team at Bangalore in their traditional wear on the day of Diwali celebration

Our Hyderabad team shining with smiles in their traditional costumes

Our Chennai team went all in traditional and started their Diwali early.