Discover stylish yet space saving decor ideas for your compact home with Decorpot

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Discover stylish yet space saving decor ideas for your compact home with Decorpot

Most people consider it a nightmare to come up with interior design ideas for small spaces. However, they fail to realize that small spaces can be a blessing in disguise. It's often a tight and compact space that acts as a catalyst for coming up with smart and clever interior decor ideas which would not have been thought of otherwise. The trick lies in intelligently using every inch of the space to pull out all the necessary stuff. Be it a small living room or kitchen or an overall compact house, our expert interior designers in Hyderabad at Decorpot suggest the following nifty design and decoration ideas:

1.  Save floor space with wall hung shelves   




Wall-mounted shelves, table tops and wall units are the best solutions for freeing up your floor space. Be it your living room or your kitchen, utilize the traditionally less used wall space to create a sleeker look. Not only do they save space, they are easy to install, build and remodel which makes them incredibly versatile and useful. Use them in your living room to showcase your antique collections, in your kitchen to store utensils, and in your bathroom to organise your towels and toiletries. You can show off your creativity by displaying diverse objects and accessories on the shelves. There are endless ways of utilising the wall hung shelves. Besides, occupying walls and leaving the floor clear creates an illusion of a bigger space.


2. Incorporate multi-purpose furniture in your space




Interior decoration isn't always about extravagance, when you shop for those important pieces of furniture and accessories. You must think of home interior design as the art of making the best out of available space, especially a small one, while not going overboard at the same time. And what better way to do it other than opting for multi-purpose pieces of furniture? They are not just practical but save space too, while allowing you to have everything that you need. Furniture pieces that are stars in such act, might include a hidden storage unit under the lounge or bed, or a staircase with drawers as the stairs, or even an ingenious hideaway table that springs into action whenever an extra surface is needed.


3. Avoid darker hues



Apart from smart furnishings and layout, color palettes do have a huge impact on a small space. Believe it or not, certain colors have a way of making a small room seem larger than it actually is. Hence, picking the right color palette is also a part of smart house interior design. You can work with lights having matching hues with your furnishings and walls or take a different route all-together using dark colored wall as the focal point, surrounded by colours that keep the rest of the room light, crisp and bright.


4. Reinvent spaces with curtain dividers




Tight homes cannot afford many ways of carving out spaces. Hence, it's up to you to configure designated areas that have different purposes, based on your requirement. A stylish yet space saving home decor idea, is to hang a large curtain featuring large metal grommets from a simple chrome bar, mounted on the ceiling as a sleek room divider. Not only can curtains be flexible to your needs but they also are one of the most space saving and inexpensive divider solutions that you can ever come across. To be more creative, you may hang curtains from a curved rod to create separate spaces around corners.


5. Treat windows to create an illusion of a larger space



The windows in the rooms of your home and the way you treat them can dramatically make your home look large and spacious. In order to incorporate a flair of elegance and sophistication in the room, hang decorative drapes from a rod above the window frame that extend down all the way to the floor. Also, let all the natural light in, as much as possible. Natural light fools the eye, making us to perceive that a given space is bigger than it actually is. Choose simple and light color palette for the curtains that is in accordance with the color flow of the room. You may also place a mirror opposite a window to create the illusion of a room, with bigger dimensions.

These tips suggested by the professionals at Decorpot Interiors, go beyond the norm and ensure creatively cathartic yet supremely fun decor ideas for your small yet cute apartment. Compact homes do not necessarily spell disaster when it comes to interior design. In fact, they can be more fun to experiment with and turn into an aesthetically stylish abode that oozes comfort and warmth. For more ideas and professional advice, feel free to reach out to our efficient interior designers and be ready to have your mind blown with creative decor ideas.