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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Different balcony ideas for your home

Everyone loves a good balcony, especially if there is a gorgeous view overlooking it. Balconies are usually venues for a lot of special moments, from romantic dinners to entertaining guests or it can even be a quiet place of comfort. So, keeping in mind the feelings the balcony brings to the mind it is time to unleash the full design potential of it. At Decorpot the expert interior designers in Hyderabad at all things designing from bedroom interior designing to living room interior design, are here to help you spruce up your balconies. Who knows, it might just turn out to be the most loved part of your home after this makeover! Here are some ideas to get your balcony décor project underway.

1. Bistro-inspired balcony
Ever wanted to turn your balcony into a mini Paris inspired dining area? Just go for it. Opt for a small, round table and two foldable chairs, which are weather-resistant and maybe add a pop color for visual intrigue. This strategic placement of furniture will draw the eye outward and makes it more inviting to appreciate the great view outside. You could pair it with patterned flooring or tiles and some lovely blooms along the balcony railings, to add a level of Paris chic vibes to the entire space. 

2. A place of greenery
It comes with no surprise the fact that balconies are quintessentially the perfect place to nurture and grow your plants. You can pack your balcony with planters and give it a feeling of the great outdoors since the exposure to adequate sunlight and air proves favorable for the plants and flowers to bloom. You can even add a few herbs to the mix and can get fresh seasoning for your dishes. A vertical garden is another great option, to add that extra touch of green. Just pull in a comfy chair and turn your balcony into a cozy reading nook amidst the lush greenery.

3. A venue for the soiree
Balconies, whether big or small, can quickly be turned into an apt venue for a soiree or even a romantic dinner for two. The main element of this gathering in the balcony is great conversations, good food and drinks, and lots of lights! Incorporate a row of twinkling lights overhead or install outdoor pendant lights or sconces to give your balcony a charm and festive touch while entertaining guests. You could throw in comfy poufs and an outdoor rug, made of weather-resistant fabric to complete the look and to have a welcoming feel.

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4. A cozy hideaway
Transform your balcony into a cozy, private retreat you can drift off to after a busy day. There is nothing like relaxing in the comforts of private space, right at home. So, indulge in those quiet, personal moments and make a DIY bamboo screen to block all other noises and distractions. Add a slim bench or a hammock with cushiony fixtures and throws to get that cozy vibe. A room divider or a vertical garden is also an excellent choice for more privacy if you’re sharing the space with a neighbor.

Well, which balcony idea was the most inspirational for you? Whichever you choose to do, don’t forget to add that magical personal touch to make your balcony display that unique edge. If you need any help with interior design, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert designers team at Decorpot.