Creative Wardrobe Design Ideas for Your Bedroom: A Blend of Beauty and Functionality

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  • Creative Wardrobe Design Ideas for Your Bedroom: A Blend of Beauty and Functionality
Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Creative Wardrobe Design Ideas for Your Bedroom: A Blend of Beauty and Functionality

The bedroom is a very personal space in your room where you can rest and unwind. A messy and cluttered bedroom is never appealing. To make you feel at ease, the room must be decorated and organized. A wardrobe helps you organize your storage easily and to create an appealing furniture piece, the wardrobe design plays a vital role. 

Our expert interior designers in Bangalore suggest making a few important considerations while designing a custom wardrobe so that you can properly organize all of your possessions while maintaining a classy, fashionable, and utilitarian look. 

Before we share the design ideas, here's a small checklist of wardrobe design basics to keep handy. 

  •     Space between components
  •     Internal and external design and lighting
  •     Material and color combination
  •     Number Of Handles or none and hanging rods
  •     Gable
  •     Fixed and adjustable shelves 
  •     Number of drawers

Now, let’s look into 8 wardrobe design ideas for your bedroom that will inspire you. 

Sliding-Door Wardrobe on the Wall


Our first wardrobe design, which makes the most of every square inch in the house, is the one that is built into the walls to save space. It comes with a sliding door, so you won't have to worry about placing anything before it. 

Open Wardrobe Design

The only way of keeping your clothing consciously arranged all the time, an open wardrobe is the only choice. In a large master bedroom, reputed home interior designers in chennai recommend an open wardrobe as a distinctive element. 

Around The Bed Closet


If you want to utilize the area surrounding your bed, transform the space into classic wardrobes to keep your things sorted. This is a growing trend among the homeowners and at Decorpot our interior designers in Hyderabad have completed a few big projects on this requirement. 

A Multipurpose Wardrobe Design 

This master bedroom wardrobe design accommodates a wide range of storage needs without letting the design become boring to the eyes. You have convertible space to store your clothes and other personal things in a variety of ways. 

Wardrobe with Digital Prints


With a growing desire for unique designs, the bedroom interior designers in Bangalore bring more design ideas to the table. If you want something very trendy, this digitally printed wardrobe is the ultimate addition to your bedroom decor. 

Wardrobe with Five Doors

A five-door white wardrobe is ideal if you have a lot of things to store but also want to keep them organized. It's stylish and functional, with multiple shelves that allow you to neatly stack your belongings and hang your clothes. 

A Designer Cabinet 

If you have a unique taste and want to experiment with something new, our experts at Decorpot suggest this unconventional design. With its unusual door design and diagonal positioning of handles, it can seek attention, in seconds. 

Walk-In Closet


Looking for more ideas? The walk-in closet with a transparent door is an innovative idea and a favorite of the best interior designers in Bangalore. As an alternative to a huge traditional cupboard, this style is a wonderful choice. 

Final Thoughts 

Make the most of your bedroom space by choosing a gorgeous, modern wardrobe design that will amplify the beauty of your home. Get in touch with us for more creative ideas for your home interiors in Bangalore.