Creative Baby Room Ideas for New Parents

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Creative Baby Room Ideas for New Parents

New parents usually look forward with great enthusiasm towards decorating their babies' room. They make sure that everything is perfect when it comes to welcoming their new family member, including planting out a new nursery in the kid's room. The freedom to decorate also leads to a lot of confusion. Such confusing times may make you feel overwhelmed and really confused at the same time, while making you question your own creativity. If you are facing a similar kind of problem, our expert interior designers in Hyderabad have some unique nursery ideas that would be perfect for your little munchkin.

Creative baby room ideas that will win your as well as your little one's heart

You might be easily tempted by the beautiful designs and lovely wallpapers shown in magazines and by the furniture stores. However, you must remember one thing that it won't take long for your child to grow up and as he/she grows up, the room decor would need to be changed accordingly. In this case, it is best to stay along the lines of simple yet elegant nursery ideas as below:

1. Simple and stripped down to bare necessities

The most important thing to keep in mind while decorating the nursery is to leave enough space for the basic necessities. Your baby will spend a lot of time here, hence the crib should be of prime importance. Keeping the room simple will allow you to spruce up the room, by adding more elements once the baby grows with time.



For instance, look at the nursery above. From the dark grey wallpaper and light wooden textured floor to the white crib and curtains, the nursery has been kept neat and simple while having enough space for necessary movement.

2. Silhouette art

Incorporating silhouette art in the nursery is a funky and interesting way to decorate the nursery. Being at the easier extreme, all you must do is print your preferred silhouette art pieces, cut them out, and stick them against a solid coloured background. For the best results, you may print out Disney or other cartoon characters and stick them against a white or grey backdrop, as the kids do resonate with the characters during early developmental age. our expert interior designers in Bangalore have some unique ideas.



3. Cosy theme

If you know the baby's gender, you may opt for the colour theme of the nursery accordingly.



For instance, the colour theme of this nursery for a baby girl is a soft pink, peach and purple against a white backdrop with light pink hues. Similarly, if you are having a baby boy, you may go for the different shades of blue. However, if you don't know the baby's gender yet, you may go for gender neutral colours like yellow or grey, even pastel shades are in nowadays.

4. Practical crib

Your baby will be spending a lot of time in the crib. Though there are many cribs available of various designs, you must invest in a good and practical one. While shopping for a crib, you must keep in mind the space that your baby needs. The best crib to invest in is the convertible crib that also folds out to be a baby's childhood bed or an adult sized bed. However, if you wish to save the crib for siblings, it would be best for you to invest in a normal crib and get a toddler bed later on instead. You may also opt for a crib with wheels which would make it easier for you to move it for making space for various elements or for basic maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness.




5. The ceiling & walls

Babies spend most of their time lying on their back and looking at the ceiling or the walls around. Hence, sprucing up the ceiling and giving the baby something interesting to look at is a good idea.



Painting a mural, especially one that glows in the dark like a night sky, is a trend that’s catching up fast for its functional as well as aesthetic appeal, in keeping babies engaged whenever they lie in their crib or bed. You may also hang some decoration or mild lightings from the ceiling as an add on effect.


Nursery ideas for small spaces

Nurseries do not have to necessarily be a separate room with a lot of space. There are a lot of space saving solutions for those who are tight on space.





Here, a small nook in the master bedroom has been turned into a corner nursery for the little one. By complimenting the design of the bedroom with the baby's crib, the entire idea has been beautifully and practically executed. Besides, it's actually best for the baby to stay and sleep in his or her mother's bedroom at least for the first six months.



Keeping everything in mind, when space is a critical issue, you may go fully creative and set up a floating nursery as depicted above. You can get a bassinet and turn it into a hanging cradle in a safe corner of the room. This technique saves an enormous amount of space and can be executed in any room where available space is less and in such a setup it is practically easy to keep an eye on the baby too.