Cool and Stylish Teenagers Bedroom Designs and Decor Inspirations

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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Cool and Stylish Teenagers Bedroom Designs and Decor Inspirations

Ask any teenage parent about the most challenging part of house redecoration and you’ll hear them say, without a beat, their teenager’s bedroom.

If you’re a teenager’s parent thinking hard about designing a cool bedroom that wows your teenage son or daughter, then this blog is your ultimate guide.

Our interior designers in Bangalore have worked on numerous projects for teenage bedroom designs and here are eight of our design recommendations.

Add Lounging Elements

Lounging Elements for Bedroom

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from seeing lots of movies, it’s that teenagers love to lounge lazily. You can create a cozy nook near the window with a table and chair or a small lounging bed for your teenagers to relax in.

You can add rugs, colourful fuzzy pillows, throws, patterned curtains and ceiling hanging elements to design this lounging area in the bedroom.

Go for a Multi-Purpose Bedroom

When you have only a limited area to work with, it can be hard to do more with that space. In such cases, you can go for multi-functional elements like a sofa that can be turned into a bed or a foldable table that can stick back to the wall.

Such multi-functional items add a cool vibe to the room that many teenagers dig!

Prefer In-Wall Storage Spaces

Wall Storage Spaces Bedroom

Teenagers love to hoard lots of stuff they love. So, you will always be in short of storage areas and find things strewn around the room for the lack of space.

So, if you’re designing your teenager’s bedroom in a new house, then you can go in-wall storage spaces that don’t protrude out but still have sufficient area for storing their stuff.

Pick Out Colourful Wallpapers

Your teenage son or daughter’s taste in designs would keep changing every few years. So, it’s best to go for wallpapers that you can scrape down and change whenever they wish.

Our home interior designers in Bangalore generally sit with the teenagers to get an idea of the wallpapers they need and help them pick out the best ones.

Make Organization Easy

Bedroom Organization

If you don’t want the room to be one huge mess, you have to give them the required organizational items to clean up easily.

Give enough spaces, bins and storage baskets in which they can dump the things and have a semblance of a clean room!

Give Space for Their Favourite Wall Stickers

Teenagers love to add posters and wall stickers on their walls. And it’s best to design the room by keeping this fact in mind.

Leave a separate wall area alone for your teenagers to go wild and add their touch. Sometimes, Decorpot’s interior designers in Bangalore get the teenagers on board about their choice of wall stickers and posters and factor that into the designing process!

Choose Bold Elements and Colours

Bold Elements for Bedroom

Even if you’re a fan of light and subtle colours, most teenagers won’t bode well with that.

So expert interior designers in Hyderabad suggest experiment with some bold elements, bright colours and big custom printed designs for the walls and for the colour of the furniture.

Teenagers love space that reflects themselves and so you can go with their favourite colours when you pick out the main things.

Highlight Their Taste and Hobbies

Do your teenage son or daughter love to write? Collect coins? Or surf?

Try to incorporate their favourite things to do on the room decor. You can get representative things to adorn the room or add wall hangings or posters to score bonus points!

Have a consultation call with Decorpot’s top interior designers in Bangalore to see how we can help to design your teenager’s room!