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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Colorful Holi Decoration Ideas for Your Home | Holi Special DIY

Holi is around the corner and it’s the best time to add colors not only in your life but also in your home. Home Interior Designers In Bangalore suggests, Holi is the perfect time to spruce up and add a colorful zing to your living space for the rest of the year.  The use of vibrant colors in Holi decoration symbolizes all the positive vibes that can be added to your space. 

Our expert Interior Designers in Bangalore at Decorpot have come up with easy and classic Holi decoration ideas that will endear your guests and family during the pleasant Holi gatherings! Let’s make your home look aesthetically pleasing with these unique and exciting Holi Special DIY decoration ideas:

Add Some Beautiful Colors to the Walls of Your Home Interior

Colors to the Walls of Your Home Interior

Transform your plain and dull walls into something magical by drawing some native cultural shapes or patterns with your choice of watercolors. Such symbols and patterns are forever a part of Interiors in Bangalore in Holi, as they create a spiritual theme of the festival, while bright colors add a festive vibe to your home. You may also hang some eye-catching hand-painted wall hangings that will add a quirky and ethnic appeal to your home’s interiors and highlight the fun aspect of Holi!

Make Creative Rangolis 

As we know, Holi is the festival of colors. Hence, creating a gorgeous Rangoli design at your doorstep is one of the best Holi decoration ideas to try! Rangoli holds a great significance in Indian culture and makes the festival of Holi even more special. You can choose the traditional or contemporary rangoli design of your choice,  add some bright colors to it and give a touch of colorfulness to this auspicious day. You may also use flower petals in your rangoli. 

Hang Colorful Curtains On The walls

Colorful Curtains On The Walls

The interior decor in Holi should reflect your colorful feelings inside you, and that’s when the multi-colored curtains come into play. Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore recommend you, buy some bright, ready-made colorful cotton curtains for your doors and windows to make the space more lively.

Painted Pots and Fairly Light Wine Bottles

Painted pots can be a great DIY. You can get some simple clay plots from your local vendor and paint them as per your creativity. You can go as colorful as you like for this Holi decoration! You can have these painted pots as a clustered arrangement or on the room corner.

You can also get creative with wine bottles by painting them and adding fairy lights in them to create a surreal ambience. 

Stick Vibrant Balloon Bouquet

Balloon Bouquet

Ballons are truly the king of any decoration. Just blow a pack of balloons, tie a ribbon to the end of each ballon, bring them all together and secure them in a knot. You may stick or place this adorable balloon bouquet on your entrance door, food, or party area.

Spruce Up the Ceiling with Colorful

Ceiling with Colorful Papers

Here interior designers in Hyderabad sharing another creative idea is to tie a chain of colored papers on the ceiling. This will beautify the appearance of plain ceilings and make them look gleaming. You may add a huge chandelier from the ceiling to finish up the look.

Go Floral- Decorate Your Ambience with Fresh Flowers

What can be more pleasant than fresh flowers on this festival? To lend your home a colorful and boho feel, arrange flowers in glass bottles or water pots. Loosely arranged flowers in a corner like rose, orchids, lily, and marigold would give it a touch of spring!  You can also tie these flowers in a long thread and put them on doors and windows. Decorating your home with colorful flowers will give it a heavenly feel and will create a cozy festive atmosphere at your home. 

These were some of the best Holi decoration ideas for your home which you could try this season. Hope our Expert Interior Designers at Decorpot helped you gear up to celebrate the festival of colors with aplomb.