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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - 6 BEST CLOSET ORGANIZING IDEAS

Managing an organized wardrobe will perpetually be a continuous process. Nevertheless, Living Room Interior Designers in Bangalore suggests several ideas to assure you never spend more than half an hour organizing your closet. If you want to make the most of your space, check out some of these closet organization and storage hacks from Interior Designers in Bangalore, ideal for all styles and budget.

Storage Of Stoles And Shawls

It can be challenging to decide on the most suitable way to store stoles and shawls in your closet. One of the most dependable ways is to add a few curtain rings to the underside of a hanger. Just slide a stole through every ring, then hang it up close to your other outfits! Now, all of your Stoles and Shawls will be visible and stay wrinkle-free.

Wire Shelf Divider

Wire Shelf Divider

If you long shelves, then opt for shelf dividers! Just place them on the shelf at regular intervals, and they’ll separate things and keep everything organised. Use them to separate stacks of shirts or pants, or to store handbags, caps, and additional accessories.

Hacks To Hold Your Bags

Want a clever hack to hold all your carry-on, clutches, sling bags, or extra stuff? Opt for an S-hook. All you need to do is slide the bag straps or the belt loops over the hook, and you are all set! Another space-saving idea to hold your bags is an over-the-door hanger. They have multiple curved hooks that are ideal for fastening of bags, backpacks, and more!

Fit More Shoes On A Shelf

Fit Shoes on Shelf

If your shoe collection is taking up a lot of shelf space, Walk-in Wardrobe Interior Designers Bangalore recommend an easy way to save some space. Keep one shoe with the toe facing one way, and the other shoe facing the other way. The footwear will now fit together seamlessly, and allow you more space to store additional pair of shoes.

Rotate Your Wardrobe

Our expert interior designers in Hyderabad suggests best ways to save space in a small closet, according to Wardrobe Interior Designers in Bangalore is by rotating your wardrobe according to the changing seasons. When the weather starts warming up, take all your winter coats, heavy boots, and the rest of winter wear, and pack it up to be stored away. Rotating your outfits each season allows you to save more space and allows more room for things you will actually use.

Drawer Organizer

Drawer Organizer

This drawer organizer is ideal for those with wirework shelves in their closet. Fasten the Velcro straps to the underside of hanging rod, and you’ve instantly added helpful and functional shelves to your wardrobe, perfect to store and organise towels, bed sheets, bedspreads and more!

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