Classic and Trendy Wood Pedestal Dining Tables

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  • May 04, 2021
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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Classic and Trendy Wood Pedestal Dining Tables

The dining table in a home is not just a place to sit and eat meals. It’s the anchor for the families to sit and bond over food and activities. Dining tables are very much a part of our households. But more often, we do find it hard to replace or buy a new dining table that matches and fits right into the existing décor of the room. 

Many people have taken the assistance of Interior Designers in Bangalore to help choose the best dining table as space constraint is a major concern. That’s where pedestal dining tables have become a go-to option for several people. 

Designers at Decorpot suggest that wood pedestal dining tables are the best option. These can be contemporary, antique, classic old-school, and vintage designs or modern and sleek designs. 

Round and Black Dining Table

Round and Black Dining Table

How does black in matte appear to you? Classy, right? Think of a round table with an X-shaped solid wood base and a round wooden top. The look is completed by the matte finish. Home Interior Designers in chennai suggest that this table can be placed either in your kitchen or your dining room. Whether it is a corner or in the center of the room, the table is sure to grab attention. 

Square Top with Metal Detailing 

Some of you might like a touch of metal in their furniture. Take a look at the perfectly square wooden table with small metal detailing on the edges of the top. The ensemble is complete with the traditional pedestal stand that is both sturdy and classy. Kitchen Interior Designers in Bangalore say that this table is suitable for corner spaces. 

Rustic Round Table

Rustic Round Table

The best interior designers in Hyderabad says, there’s nothing like a rustic touch to bring some warmth to the room. And the round wooden pedestal table with old-style patterns on the tabletop usually comes for an affordable price, without compromising style. 

Solid Wood Pedestal Dining Table

Solid Wood Pedestal Dining Table

If you like farm-style dining, this one is for you. With an oval-shaped thick wood as the top, this table has solid wooden legs extending from the center towards the outside. You can use leather cushion chairs to complement the dining table and turn the Interiors in Bangalore to resemble a countryside home. 

Pedestal Table with Extension 

What do you think of an extension that pops in and out of a wooden table? Cool, right? You can use it the way you want, depending on the number of people at home. The setup at the bottom also works great as a showpiece holder. Place a colorful vase of metal or ceramic to highlight the contrast. 

Modern Pedestal Table

Modern Pedestal Table

How can the Interior Designers in Bangalore not talk about this model? With a sculpted base that curves and extends diagonally to rest on a round bottom and a large rectangle wooden top, this dining table is a delight for contemporary fans. 


The designers at Decorpot have years of experience in helping various clients find furniture that perfectly matches their taste, personality, and the overall atmosphere of the house. Contact us today to book an appointment.



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