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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - Check list for Kids Room Interior

Is there a part of your house you hold particularly dear? It could be a comfortable bean bag in the living room, a lounge chair in the common area, or even an old-world Divan-style sit-down arrangement where you have a hot cup of tea and listen to your favorite music. 

Increasingly, the concept of personal space is also assuming a great deal of importance for our children. Our interior designers in Hyderabad have a lot of experience in designing children’s abodes, understand this.

That’s why we’ve put together a handy list of must-have elements for a child’s room:

Proper Lighting

Proper lighting is indeed a must-have for a child in his growing years. The arrangement of the furniture should ideally allow for the passage of good natural sunlight in the room. Pay special attention to the placement of the study table. Interior lights used in the room should be sufficient enough to not stress the kid’s eye post evening.

Color Palette

Think of kids, and you can’t help but think of colors- they are practically synonymous! Bright, cheery, and vivid, a child’s room should capture the sheer joy of being a child! Whether you add a splash of color through an interesting veneer on the child’s wardrobe or choose a laminate that instantly lifts the palette, or color-play the walls and ceiling. Go Brightest and Happiest!

Play Area

Kids Room Interior Designers

A play area is as important for a child as a workspace is for an adult. While playing, a child is also learning at breakneck speed. It’s only fair that they have a designated play-space that is personalized, unique, and fun! Regardless of style, a play-area should be open and inviting, free of sharp, jutting edges and provide a safe environment to your child.

Storage Space

Your child may be a fan of superheroes, princesses, or puzzles. They could have a multitude of soft toys; art & craft sets or board games. Your child’s storage space is not just a utilitarian area, but also one that teaches your child to assume responsibility for their belongings. Make it purposeful! 

But please remember to look for material that can withstand some bumps and accidental knocks during your child’s play sessions with their buddy. Wooden ply is the best option. Safe-grade plastic or metal storages with rounded corners are better choices than glass or ceramic.

Statement Feature

Why not add a standout characteristic to the room to reflect your child’s own persona? It could be anything- a beautiful feature wall in their favorite color, that lovely painting they won first prize for or even a fun Alice in Wonderland clock that transports them to a different world! It literally could be anything that is meaningful to your child and they hold it dear to their heart.

An Identity

Best Kids Room Interior Designers in Bangalore

“In the clouds” themed room

Your child deserves to add little touches to their room to make it their very own. While themes around favorite cartoon characters and superheroes continue to be popular, kids are now interested in unusual and brilliant ideas. From marine life to outer space, we can help transform the décor of a child’s room to anything they desire!

So, what kind of room is your child’s personality best suited to? Quirky and fun, soft and soothing, or vivacious and full of color? We at Decorpot know all those looks and plenty more! If you'd like some ideas, we're right here, geared to help!