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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - BREEZY HOMEDECOR IDEAS FOR MONSOON

Monsoon is one of the most common favorite seasons. The smell of the earth, the lukewarm sun, the song of thunder, and the greens of plants. Indeed, it’s a way of Mother Nature showering us with her blessings. Keeping all these poetic imagination apart, monsoon also brings a great opportunity to clean up all the mess. Here are a few tips from our professional interior designers in Hyderabad to make the monsoon more mesmerizing by keeping your home more beautiful than ever:

Brighten it up: 

Brighten up your home with lighter fabrics to make up for the dim daylight. Make your room bright with lighter paintwork. If you’re not a great fan of changing the paints, then do away with those dark drapes & upholstery and switch it to something light,making your room look lighter and brighter.



Helpful plastic zone:

Try keeping a dry space for those who come home dripping wet. It is always encouraged to have a zone cordoned by plastic chairs or stools to prevent your furniture getting wet when family comes in drenched in the rains. Try using lighter coloured plastic chairs to add to the space making it look bigger.



Water friendly furniture & mats:

People who get home drenched in rain are bound to make the floor dirty with their muddy footwear. Coir mat at the entry door can just do the trick. Also, see to that you keep your carpets dry during the season as well as replace the furniture with furniture made of light coloured water friendly materials like bamboo or cane.



Cotton lined storage to the rescue:

Right storage is sometimes a challenge during the monsoon. Keep books, papers and limited use items like locks as dry as possible, away from the main entrance especially in storage bins lined with cotton as it has natural dry wick capacity. Try covering or dabbing them with cotton cloth periodically to wick away any moisture, thus helping them to survive the monsoons.



Protect the woods:

Waterproofing is the best way to keep your house safe from the monsoon. Check for leaks and weak spots and get them fixed. Waterproofing helps getting rid of moss. Maintenance and upkeep of furniture is a tedious task. In order to keep them looking beautiful and shiny, try to keep them away from any wet clothes. Wipe with a dry cloth or vacuum in order to dry it up, if you experience any moisture. Polishing the surface with varnish also helps in longevity of wooden Furnitures.



Happy monsoon!