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Best home interior designers in Bangalore - BLEND THE TREND AND TRADITIONAL STYLE TO YOUR HOME

Are you in the midst of a new house interior designing? When buying new elements to add to your home interiors, think again before throwing away your old furniture. We at Decorpot, the best interiors designers in Bangalore, bring you some amusing ways in which you can mesh the old with the new and bring out a new character for your home. Intrigued much? Read on to know more about the many ways in which you can add charm to your home by layering the old interior styles with the new.

1. Finding a common harmony
Mixing interior styles from different time-periods can create intrigue and visual appeal but it can also turn out to be tricky. The real challenge is to bring all your favorite design styles, old and new, into the same room and to create a harmonious balance amid all the differences in styles. The important point to keep in mind is regardless of the era a piece belongs to, it has to blend in with the rest of the items in the room with regards to the colors, tones, lines, and scale to pull off an incredible-looking space. What you should aim to achieve is not a completely matching room from the sofa to the walls but rather a subtle symmetry and balance with distinct and contrasting styles that leave an impact.

2. Creative choice of furniture pieces
When mixing various pieces of furniture, be sure to keep in mind the scale to achieve an aesthetic appeal. If you place furniture that is similar in size together, it will create interest and cohesiveness even if they look completely different from one another. Our expert interior designers in Hyderabad suggests, try not to place the old and new furniture separate from each other but rather weave them together to create balance and allure. You could even upcycle old or antique furniture and reuse them differently, adding more uniqueness to this antique piece of furniture, for example, you could upcycle an old trunk or suitcase and make it into a coffee table or a seat, to give your space an eclectic vibe.

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3. Mix prints of old and bold
Another clever yet subtle technique to create a melodious visual treat with old and new styles is to mix and match patterns and prints hailing from different eras. Although these prints may be apart, you can make a connection between them and it will instantly make the room feel updated and quite interesting. You could take a classic floral printed sofa and give it a modern edge with some patterned pillows in the same color palette, or of stark contrast, which has a clean and straightforward silhouette and style. Toning down a busy traditional pattern with some modern lines and simplicity can create an ambiance that is serene yet sophisticated.

4. Add a bit of art and light
Switch up the art pieces and light fixtures in your room to create a beautiful symphony of the modern and the traditional. If your interiors have more of a traditional feel, you could add some quirky modern art pieces or new-age lighting to create an element of newness in the room. This could work vice versa also, adding traditional chandeliers or art with extravagant, antique frames could elevate the entire mood of the space.

It is always fun to create a wonderful fusion by appreciating the old and embracing the new. Putting this interesting way of decorating your home into practice can help you achieve the home of your dreams. And if you need assistance in vamping up your interiors be it living room interior designing or even the entire house, we at Decorpot Bangalore are here to help you all the way.